·      Decades ago, we
question ourselves about childhood obesity not becoming an issue or raising
flags (Newson, Povey, Casson, & Grogan, 2013). Back then, families never
informed their children about their weight at their age level, school and/or
school friends that came into interaction with them (Moore, Wilkie, &
Desrochers, 2017). Some children ate healthy foods from their households and
play outside for the whole day. The purpose of children weight is changed a lot

·       Video games and fast-food have impacted
children’s lives to be not sociable and lazy, and as an outcome it caused
childhood obesity (Moore, Wilkie, & Desrochers, 2017).  The widespread of childhood obesity is rapidly
increasing ages from 7- 12 years old. This encounter is difficult to cope with
in regards to teachers, government and parents. It is raising the attention on
many disputes in order to control the growing sizing in many young adolescences
(Moore, Wilkie, & Desrochers, 2017).  

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