1. its planning is important fot SME’s in

1.      Research

Marketing problems are those problems that can
disturb the growth of a firms and stop it from developing in the market. Many
SME’S in Pakistan have very low budget for marketing promotions of their
products and services because of not taking it seriously. There are various reasons
behind it like lack of understanding about the
utility of marketing, low budget, lack of knowledge. We need to realize that
our SME’s have great potential to gain from all those opportunities available
in the market and contribute meaningfully in our economy. “The aim of this
research is to explore the marketing issues that our SME’s are facing in
Pakistan and the reasons behind it”

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2.      Research

this research, the answers of the following questions will be answered:

What kind of factors are inhibiting
SME’s to invest in marketing plans?

Is there any solution to the problems of
SME’s that they are facing in Marketing of there products and business?

3)      What
should be done by SME’s to resolve all these issues and take advantage of opportunities
in the market?

4)      What
are government and educational institutions should do with regard to solving
the marketing issues of SME’s?


3.      Objectives
of the Study

·      To
determine whether marketers consider marketing as a viable strategy for SME’s presently
and in the future for the Pakistani market.

·      To
find out importance of marketing for SME”s.

·      To
find out the reasons why marketers of SME’s are not able to meet the large
comapies and international standards of business marketing.

·      To
find out the problems that are the main cause behind the inhibiters of proper
marketing for SME’s?

·      To
determine to what extent is proper marketing strategies practiced in Pakistan
and whether or not it is advantageous to companies in terms of value addition amongst
the consumers.


4.      Justification

study is conducted to gauge whether marketers in Pakistan consider marketing as
a viable strategy for SME’s presently and in the future for the Pakistani
market.. Furthermore, it will discover to what extent is marketing and its
planning is important fot SME’s in Pakistan.. Following are the stakeholders of
this research:

who are operating in Pakistan or wish to do so specially future entrepreneurs
an students who are going to potential corporate world members would benefit
from the study as they would come to know what the overall viewpoint of the
industry is towards marketing. SME’s who do follow or do not practice proper
marketing can make a decision after reading the findings of the study.

and teachers will gain knowledge from the research about the marketing activities
that the Small and Medium enterprises who constitutes major part of Pakistani
market practices and if there is potential in the market.

Customers will indirectly benefit from
this research in the sense that if the findings of the study conclude that proper
in modern methods of marketing are a viable option for the Pakistani market;
the bombardment of advertisements, hoardings etc that customers have to face
every day will be lessened as marketers would have another option to make their
brand prominent and marketing efficient.


5.      Limitations

a)      This
study will only take into account the Pakistani market due to the limited time
period of the research; and the recommendations and conclusions will be
beneficial to existing and potential marketers in Pakistan.

b)      Interviews
will be conducted with only the relevant marketers and the students of Bahria
University in Karachi because of limited contacts.

6.      Scope

a)      This
study will take into account the Pakistani market and the recommendations and
conclusions will be beneficial to existing and potential marketers in Pakistan.

b)      The
research will take into account the companies’ perspective; as to how they
carry out marketing, whether or not it is problematic etc.


7.      Assumptions

§  The
economic and political factors will remain constant in Karachi (where we will
conduct our study) throughout the duration of our research.

§  The
information that we will gather from certain companies and students will be
considered as truthful and will reflect the actions of majority of the players
belonging to similar sectors of the market.


8.      Definition
of Keywords

a)      Marketing
strategies: strategic plan of the organization to inculcate
its resources to achieve increased sales and competitive advantage over the

b)      SME:
It is a convenient term for
segmenting businesses and other organizations that are somewhere between the
“small office-home office” size and the larger enterprise. The
European Union has defined an SME as a legally independent
company with no more than 500 employees.

c)      ISP: It is a company
that provides individuals and other companies’ access to the Internet and other
related services such as Web site building and virtual hosting

9.      Acronyms

Small and medium enterprises

Gross domestic product

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited

Information and Communication Technologies