1.Public institution of higher education in malaysia(PIHE) explores

1.Public institution of higher education in malaysia(PIHE) explores the level of organizational culture with their performance.In this article they have discussed about 40 academics and their association in between the variables.How government of malaysia  restructured their higher education and higher education institutes(HEI’s).How this concept of learning organization widely used in the competitive world.This article also develops the capabilities of a long term benefits.2. Learning organization is a type of an organization that develops its capabilities for long term benefits, That means they adopt organization culture and the skills to utilize and transform the knowledge and vision.According to the author there are seven dimensions that characterize the learning organization culture.This study uses a quantitative method and the analyses of this were using the SPSS version 2.0.3. Organizational culture provides a path with respect and behaviour of employees in their work area.It can have a positive and negative impact on employee performance.Some of the organizations where managers are taskmasters there employees work in fear.In organizations where employees are the main part of the growth and commitment towards the organization, their goals and objectives feel responsible for the growth.4. Learning organizational culture was started as a case study from aerospace industry.During 1979 plant 10 of lockheed california;s L-1011 program after daniels was vice president of manufacturing the company was under budget and successful.from the above case it is clear that cultural factors play an important role in organizational performance.5. In business management a learning organization is a company that facilitates the learning if its members and continuously transforms itself. This concept has been coined from the work and research of peter senge and his colleagues. Learning organizations develop a pressure facing modern organizations and they remain competitive in business environment.There are 5 characteristics in this concept.Systems thinkingPersonal mastery Mental modelsShared visionTeam learning           Due to the above factors the future organizations should be learning organizations.