2.9.5 change has been approved. · Bill of

2.9.5       Revise Estimate at Completion

the estimate at completion (EAC) from the cost and schedule performance. The
estimates at completion is summarized up through the WBS and OBS to the project
level for management visibility and control. The control account managers are
responsible for maintaining the control account’s latest Estimate at

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The following should be considered when
determining the Estimate at Completion:


Assignments: The cost performance factors (productivity) are used to establish
the estimate at completion for cost (EACc). The following formula should
provide a calculated best estimate
at completion for costs (EACc) for reimbursable contracts or assignments.

(most likely) = (BAC – BCWP) / CPI + ACWP


Priced Contracts: The estimate at completion (EACc) can only be revised/changed
if an authorised scope change has been approved.


of Quantities (BOQ): It is the responsibility of the Quantity Surveyor to
revise the outstanding quantities (or outstanding work) at cut-off (monthly) to
determine the new EACc, and timeously advises the team of the new EACc.


2.9.6       Earned Value Reporting

Once all progress is updated, the
updated master plan and earned value management reports can be generated for
analysis and reporting. These reports include, but are not limited to:

An updated Master
Plan/Schedule, Updated with Planned, Earned Value, and Actual Costs.

An updated Performance
Measurement Baseline (PMB), i.e. the time-phased monetary value for the work to
be performed. The PMB is presented marked up with planned, earned values.

Contract Performance Report
(CPR), complete with a Summarized CPR is prepared for management review.

Performance Index Report.

Month-end Narrative Report.


When reviewing and comparing the
various Earned Value Management reports to the Master Schedule, the EVM
Analysis Tree should be considered. Refer to the EVM Analysis Tree below.