3.0 person who don’t work is worthless which

 3.0 According to Marx, capitalism is doomed to collapse and throughout his time he has highlighted a lot of reasons why Capitalism is doomed to collapse. And the reasons are firstly, Marx believed that in a capitalist society modern work is driven apart. Work is a source of greatest joy but in order for it to be a fulfilled work worker need to see themselves in the object they have created. According to Marx, people in capitalist society don’t have any freedom to showcase their talent and they are just working under the managers supervision to produce what they are told to for the only benefit of profit. For example; a cupboard smooth and straight made by a person is an example of how at its best labor has the chance to externalize his individuality. However, in modern world it’s too rare and they are totally specialized. Even though, the specialized method contributes to efficiency it is holding back the people to derive a true sense of contribution they might be making towards real humanity. So he described capitalism as not creative and fulfilling. Secondly, Marx strongly supported that Modern work is insecure because they are deeply dependent on technology and once you are not anymore, a productive citizen you will be abandoned where as in communism when it is clearly understood emotionally it expresses one belonging for eternity and not the fear of abandonment. Thirdly, Marx strongly argues that capitalism is only in favor of capitals and is unfair for the labors. This is because in capitalist society the labors work so hard and it’s the capitalists who gains huge profit by declining the income of the labors. With this believe Marx labels the capitalists to be thieves who are stealing the hard work of the work force. Fourthly, Marx believed that capitalism is bad for capitalists. He supported his perception with an argument he made for the reasons behind the “Bonju” marriage being the beneficial of business enhancement and not love. This argument he made strongly speaks on his behalf of how capitalist system forces everyone to put economic interest at the heart of their lives and doesn’t know the real meaning of marriage. He says that capitalism develops a mentally  of people in such a way that all their judgements are based on economic terms. For instance; they think a person who don’t work is worthless which eventually leads to abandonment, happiness is based on ones wealth and people and things will invariably make money. Fifthly, Marxism is strong believer that ideas of capitalist teach all the people to be anxious, competitive, puppet, etc.  All these points mentioned are the reasons why Marx strongly believed that Capitalism is doomed to collapse.