3.4 for windows platform, following are minimum requirements

 3.4 – User RequirementsThe
project is fundamentally focusing on normal Basic operations for a library that
include adding new publisher, new books, and updating any new information
library things. The worker in library asked us to add some more properties
like, searching for books and publisher and also borrow and return books,
produce for report about operations in a library and Stationery’s. The
main Requirements:
 3.5 – System Requirements We
make this library management system on computer under windows 10 operating
system with visual studio and also we test it in multiple operating system like
windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, supported to launch for
windows platform, following are minimum requirements for each system:-
For computers run on Windows XP, at least 486 / 66 MHz or higher processor with
8MB required-
For computers run on Windows7, at least 500/88MHz or higher processor with 32
Mb of RAM required-
For computers run on Windows 8, at least 488 / 66 MHz or higher processor with
16 MB of RAM required-
For computers run on Windows 10, at least 700/850 MHz or higher processor with
512 MB of Ram required 3.6 – Functional Requirements Our
software is easy to use novice, casual and expert user because of the
attractive screen design and proper validation for the each field. There are some
main functions for software Library Management System. ·Insert to Database – User through input frames can input data about
to the books or stationary·Calculate amounts – Calculate or convert money for customer after
purchase.  · Extracting information from Database – interactive Screen through
that let user get the information related to any inquiry. ·Report Generating – user can create reports for any information on
the system such as number of books, amount of money, author names.·Search tool option give user ability to find any book in library
from system·User must be able to read any report.·Users can be sorted into different groups and category for favorite
books and goods. 3.7 – Non- Functional RequirementsFrontend
Studio used as a frontend, it has huge number of powerful tools to design and
create frames and interfaces and all its objects and connect them to build
strong functions and let the application interactive .Visual Studio environment
provide the application the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which prepare,
compiles, Debugging and manages the execution of application code. *after
using visual studio a lot of advantageswe have experienced following some of
them:- -Visual
studio help decrease the big number of code lines required to make a system.-visual
studio let the development plain and easier to repair.-the
Source of code is executed direct inside visual studio. –
Visual studio has powerful tools and flexible approach to build applications.- It
is easy to write and maintain because the code and design are together Backend
Programming: SQL
is used often as backend database type. SQL is a very sturdy relational
database. It is functional database it give you ability to stores data of any
type and purposes and allows users to control it with any skills from beginner
user to expert to extract or input or delete or modify the data into all kind
of the different forms that people need. Benefit of SQL from programmer’s scene
is its proportional compatibility with SQL Query can be seen graphically or
executed as SQL statements. *Advantage
of using SQL over other database:-SQL
is good for small, applications of departmental. These applications can start
with one user project. For comparatively tiny data SQL works very good for
providing ability information recovery. It give simple operation to create
pivot tables and make graphical reports. and a lots of robust tools that let
user to run multiple queries at same time, and give transactional processes,
that mean if any even small part while import fails all other changes will roll
back to a state that before the import start            3.8 – System Map:

     3.9 – System Flow Chart

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     3.10–Software used for ProjectVisual
Studio: Used for developing the design & building the code of the
Photoshop: for editing PhotosMicrosoft
Word: writing the whole books namesMicrosoft
Excel: creating table and lists for goods and booksMicrosoft
Access: Required for large database maintenanceSQL:
base database for the project  3.11–Hardware used for ProjectCameraPrinterExternal
Hard disk DrivePC
with strong CPU and RAMScanner  3.12 – ConclusionOur
project is to satisfy the requirements in the library. The system we have
create should prove it’s competent to be a powerful system in satisfying all
the requirements operations of the library.

objective of create system analysis is to equipping a the project with all
aspects that enables the system makers to make sensible appreciations made
within a low time frame at the beginning of the system or project and also
must  update it as the project advances.