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This descriptive research is designed to assess the Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitude (AKA) on Environmental Education (EE) of Saint Paul University Philippines (SPUP) High School Students. Specifically it aims to answer the following questions: What is the level of AKA in high schools students enrolled in classes where EE components are incorporated in the curriculum? What environmental issue needs immediate action/solution? How do demographic and personal backgrounds factors account for differences in the levels of AKA of the high school students? And lastly what probable action to be done to protect the environment? The respondents in this study were the selected high school students of Saint Paul University Philippines for the school year 2014-2015. The researchers made use of survey checklist questionnaires to gather the data. These were employed to find out the Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitude on Environmental Education of SPUP High School Students. One-way ANOVA and T-test were employed in determining the Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitude on Environmental Education of the respondents when grouped according to profile variables and was tested at .05 level of significance. The data revealed that students’  orientation, involvement, gender roles or sex, exposure on the different environmental activities, and being mature enough have gained more knowledge as they assimilate learning’s through stepping in higher educational level can affect their attitudes on environment. It was concluded Different variables like sex, grade/year level, most preferred activities have an effect on students’ environmental awareness, knowledge and attitudes, thus, students are concern on their gender differences in environmentalism, integrate learning preferences about environment and also participate activities that would increase the level of AKA on environmental education.



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