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In conclusion, tackling factors affecting food security will require the efforts both the government and local communities. Improving food security in Northern provinces is imperative to many individual’s well-being. And though there may be successful programs implemented in other provinces, it may not be successful reach areas that need the programs. To overcome issues like this the strategy must start as a collaborative aid between both the communities and government.

Another factor that the government should focus on, is developing roads and infrastructure in communities that are lacking. The transportation of nutritional foods is an essential part of ensuring an individual’s food security and in northern Ontario its a challenge to be obtained(form).”Many remote communities lack affordable and reliable infrastructure to deliver and distribute products to residents.”. (Gilmour, 2015) The NNC, subsidies nutritional food for resident living up north. The program is beneficial to most communities up north, however in Yukon communities don’t get all the benefits of the program, “Old Crow, in the Yukon, does not usually have access to any surface transportation at any time. As a result, its retailers and residents cannot take advantage of lower cost methods of transportation such as sea lifts, barges, ferries and winter roads.”(stat NNc)Many question the sustainability of food delivered by plane, due to the fact that the airlines don’t receive subsidies.(Gilmour,2015)This resulted in another issue which is the reduced amount of food for the residents, products like milk, eggs, bread, etc. would run out at a fast pace due to its high demand, which leaves many individuals food insecure. The development of roads, buildings, and other infrastructures would reduce the number of food insecure individuals, allowing food to be obtained at a faster pace. And the involvement of both government and non-government programs would allow individuals to be food secure and have quality food. (Gilmour,2015)

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