5. the future is moving towards the Smart


farming improves your decision making and enables you to increase automation.
So Farming can get a better future in Internet of Things (IoT). As
the future is moving towards the Smart ideas with improving the technologies
replacing with smart applications (Automation) with the invention of Internet
of Things so Farming is the major source for the survival in this world, here
the future Farming idea to plan.

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Cold chain management tracking, produce temperature at the point of
harvest to local flash cooling facilities to mobile or fixed cooling facilities
to improve shelf life, etc. Using sensors and wireless connectivity 2/3rds of
all produce in India spoils before it ever gets to market.

Smarter irrigation through better
temperature, humidity, and other sensors networked wirelessly.


Condition based, rather than scheduled, maintenance of agricultural machinery and tools based on the use
of sensors, wireless, and wireless location.


Animal tracking. The number of cows
in the USA is ~90 million. Optimize feeding, breeding, animal health, etc.


Product recall/security. Track with
precision the source of, say, some e coli outbreak to minimize the cost of
executing a recall.


Remotely piloted equipment. Tractor
drones. We might as well also invent scarecrow drones as well while we are at


Storage Mapping: with IoT you can
set the auto temperature for storage house and cold store and all data you can
save and access from a back end system. No need to set manually temperature for
any floor or segment.


Soil Quality Checking: A sensor
connected through IoT to your system can give all soil quality and ratio of
essential component.


Auto Irrigation for Crop: Through
IoT can cover whole land water system and set custom irrigation that can be
access and monitor from a single end.


Smart Dairy with IoT: In dairy you
can track any individual animal with efficiency, production ration, filling
station control and much more. Weather Monitoring – IoT based weather station
is nothing different from the earlier station just that, now data is available
in real time on a web-app using GPRS communication.


Greenhouse / Agriculture warehouse / Cold-chain monitoring – With #IoT , you can drop battery powered low power
wireless sensor nodes communicating to each other using RF or BLE, form a mesh
network, show data locally or push it to cloud using any back-end connectivity.


Farm monitoring / livestock – Some
time back, we meet a company who was doing RFID tagging for livestock
monitoring – Roxan ID. Again with the help of IoT they were able to track
position, counting and other variables of cattle’s.


Milk Farm monitoring – Real time
monitoring of milk levels in a diary, if chilling temperature is properly
maintained or not. There is a company in India which was doing the same.


Remote Control of farm irrigation system – Remotely controlling motors irrigating fields either with an Android
application or DTMF. Automatic tractors
and drones taking care of orchards and fields


NDVI based imaging using Drones –
Agricultural Intelligence. Drone Enabled. Not exactly IOT but must be counted
in smart agriculture.


GPS based navigation for Tractors in
order to cover most of the filed in a timed and efficient manner.