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69 Coconut Oil Uses and Cures. Coconut oil is created from copra which is the dried kernel or white meat of the coconut. The kernel is then smoke, sun or kiln dried and pressed into an oil. High in natural saturated fats, coconut oil doesn’t only have great health benefits when ingested orally, but also when applied topically to the skin, hair and even wounds. Mixed with other ingredients and essential oils its efficacy and healing and nourishing properties are immensely increased. When choosing a coconut oil for medicinal purposes, ensure it’s an organic, unrefined, non-irradiated, fragrance free option to ensure superior quality and efficacy of the oil. For supplementation ensure it’s cold – pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. Avoid hydrogenated versions as they aren’t good for consumption as purity is severely reduced. Coconut oil not only heals and compliments internal bodily functions, it’s a wonderful dietary supplement, and topical ointment. There are also everyday household, kitchen, cooking and other outdoor uses.Basic PropertiesClassified as a superfood by experts, coconut oil contains very specific fats that aid in natural hormone production. For immune support and other functions, MCTs possess antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It’s very high in antioxidants, and is much easier for the body to digest compared to other fatty acids. When digested, coconut oil produces ketones that have numerous health benefits in the body. It’s a natural antibiotic and has antimicrobial properties. Though it contains a whopping 117 calories per tablespoon, it’s completely carbohydrate free, making it a great fat burning aid. It’s also high in natural saturated fats, Caprylic, Lauric and Capric acid. More than 50% of fat in coconut oil is lauric acid. It’s an extremely rich source of this acid, and the only other concentration at a higher level is in mother’s milk. The fatty acids in coconut oil are comprised of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) or Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) which are extremely beneficial to the body and mind. The oil extracted from the coconut is the most nutrient dense part of the coconut, hence the use for oral applications, ingestion, digestive support, weight loss, immune functions, brain boosting and more.Brain and Body Uses and Cures.1. Stimulates Cognitive FunctionAdding medium chain triglycerides to your diet, improves cognitive function through increased production of ketone bodies. Resulting in improved memory and general brain function.2. Aids in The Treatment of Alzheimer’sAn Alzheimer’s brain loses the capability to produce insulin for energy.The process of coconut oil digestion increases ketone availability to the brain that in turn provides more non-insulin energy, repairing brain function and reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.3. Improve Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.It reduces inflammation of the brain and body, thus increasing serotonin levels which reduces anxiety and improves the mood.4.   Supports Your Immune SystemAssists the body in fighting off viruses and bacteria due to its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.5.   Slows Down the Ageing ProcessWith the large concentration of antioxidants, and the detoxification effect on the liver, coconut oil slows down ageing.6.   Stimulates Digestive FunctionSupports a healthy gut.The healthy fats help to lubricate the intestinal tract, thus stimulating healthy bowel movements, and naturally cleansing your colon.7.   Great Source of Healthy FatsThe combination of MCFA’s are a wonderful source of natural fatty acids.8.   Boosts Testosterone in MenRecent studies in rats have confirmed a reduction in oxidative strain in testicles. Thus, ensuing more testosterone quantities.9.   Assist in Reducing Enlarged Prostate The same rat study, discovered a reduction in testosterone-induced benign prostate growth due to coconut oil use. 10. Balances HormonesThe combination of MCFA’s help to balance hormone levels.11. Improves Bone HealthAids in the body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium, improving strength and density of the skeleton.12. Treat Arthritis and Osteoporosis A reduction in oxidative stress in the bone helps combat structural harm in osteoporotic bones thus relieving symptoms and promoting healing. It naturally reduces inflammation in the body, reducing arthritic pain and swelling. 13. Supports Lung Function Coconut oil improves the changeability of cell surfaces. 14. Relieves Leg Spasms and Cramps Coconut oil supports absorption of calcium and potassium aiding in the prevention and treatment of leg cramps and spasms. 15.  Whitens TeethApplied topically to the teeth in a circular motion coconut oil can lighten your teeth naturally without penetrating tooth enamel. Making it the safest tooth whitening agent in the world. Add baking soda for a boost.16. Prevents Tooth Decay and Gum DiseaseA Process called coconut oil pulling can be used to rinse teeth and mouth. It has various benefits such as curing bleeding gums, improving breath freshness and reducing jaw issues like TMJ. This process also stops the adherence of plaque to the surface of the tooth thus stopping the formation of cavities and gingivitis. Not only that but its antioxidant properties will also aid in preventing gum disease and tooth decay by removing bacteria in the mouth.17. DeodorantMix equal parts of coconut oil and baking soda to form a solid, and apply under the arm for a lead and chemical free antiperspirant deodorant.18. Massage OilUse on its own, or combine with aromatherapy oils to create a massage oil that will improve overall well being.Best options are lemongrass, citrus, peppermint and arnica.19. Relieve Muscle TensionMix coconut oil with either camphor, arnica or peppermint for a natural muscle relaxer. This combination including massage, will stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow to aid in the removal of lactic and uric acid crystallization in the muscle.20. Supports Kidney FunctionThe antimicrobial lipids found in coconut oil aid in the filtration of waste and toxins through the kidneys, preventing blockages that could cause kidney disease.21. Remove Ear WaxHeat up a small amount, apply to a cotton bud and clean out the ear canal. This will help soften wax easing removal.22. Treat Cold SoresWhen applied topically to the affected area it will reduce inflammation caused by the Herpes Zoster virus.23. Aids in DetoxificationUltimately coconut oil increases liver function and the flushing of toxins, therefore assisting the body to detoxify itself.24. Use as a Substitute for Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)It has fever diminishing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Consume daily to replace your normal anti-inflammatory medication. 25. Treat Candida InfectionsCandida viruses have proven vulnerable to coconut oil, and is therefore a very effective treatment in treating this condition. 26. Improves Blood LipidsImproves the ratio between good and bad cholesterol when consumed daily and does not clog arteries.27.Alleviates InsomniaMix with a small amount of lavender to relax before bed. It also regulates blood sugar when taken prior to sleep, which prevents insulin rising that could cause sleeplessness.28. Relieves Allergy SymptomsConsuming coconut oil daily can assist in relieving allergy symptoms.29.Stimulates MetabolismPrevents insulin spikes, thus keeping your basal metabolic rate at an optimum constant level.30. Aid in Weight LossDue to the concentration of healthy fatty acids, consuming coconut oil will help you feel fuller for longer, suppressing the appetite and supporting the body’s natural fat burning function. Consume two teaspoons of coconut oil with two teaspoons of lemon juice in hot water to speed up fat burning and clean out your colon. It’s especially effective in reducing stubborn stomach fat.31. Reduce CelluliteFriction during application to the skin combined with the natural elements found in coconut oil aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite.The detoxification effect on the liver will also be of benefit.Skincare Remedies32. Treat breakoutsAntibacterial agents in coconut oil will reduce infection, redness and irritation caused by bacteria trapped in the follicles and pores of the skin.33.Healing WoundsCoconut oil can speed up the growth of new skin cells, better antioxidant enzyme activity and stimulate the production of new collagen fibers and the cross linking of those fibers which aids in the healing process when applied topically to burns, cuts, scrapes and slightly deeper wounds. Being a natural antibiotic, it will prevent wound infection as well.34. Treat Eczema and PsoriasisVirgin coconut oil locks in moisture and stops bacteria from growing, therefor healing these uncomfortable conditions.35. Use as Cuticle OilRub into cuticles or reproductive part of the nail to stimulate nail growth. Even improve conditions such as leukonychia and other nail trauma.36.Use as a Skin Cleanser and Makeup RemoverWarm-up coconut oil in your hands and apply liberally to the face. Wash with warm water and a cloth to remove makeup, oil and superficial impurities.37. Use as Base for ExfoliationCombine with a teaspoon of baking soda and scrub skin on the face to deep cleanse, remove dead skin cells and deeper set impurities, and stimulate blood circulation.38. Soothes and Heals Cracked Lips, Heels and ElbowsMix Coconut Oil with Vitamin E oil or cream to super moisturize the areas of the body that dry out most during dry and cold seasons. 39. Combat Excess Oil Production on The FaceWhen mixed with apple cider vinegar and applied to your skin it will prevent superficial oil glands from over producing oil on the skin.40. A Super Treatment for Your HairAbove other oils such as olive or macadamia, coconut oil is exceptionally good for use on blonde hair as it does not darken hair color. The fine coconut molecules penetrate the hair follicle to deeply nourish, moisturize and repair heat treated or chemically and mechanically damaged hair. If you do color treat your hair, whether tinting or highlighting, using coconut oil will ensure your color lasts longer and hair is more soft, lustrous and vibrant. The following combinations can heal some common hair and scalp conditions. (Use equal parts of each when mixing) Coconut Oil + Honey for dry hair.Coconut Oil + Lemon juice to cure dandruff.Coconut Oil + Aloe Vera to stimulate hair growth.Coconut Oil + Egg yolk to repair damaged hair.41. Color Correction CreamCombine with pumpkin pulp to even skin tone and reduce pigmentation.42. Anti-Frizz SerumReplace cosmetic silicone serums by rubbing a small amount of coconut oil between your hands and applying to dry hair to calm flyaway strands, frizz and split ends. Boost the benefits by mixing coconut oil with a keratin spray and apply to wet hair. This will prevent breakage when drying and styling.43. Cures Dandruff and Scalp IrritationDue to the antibacterial properties, it alleviates dryness, redness and irritation, soothing and healing dandruff and scalp irritations from chemical treatments or allergies. Apply 3 times per week directly to the scalp. Rub in well and let sit for 30 minutes. Then proceed to wash your hair with a treatment shampoo and warm water. (Not hot as this can cause dryness of the scalp.)44. Nourishes Your SkinMix with Rose and Geranium oil for a super skin booster and moisturizer especially in colder drier climates. Coconut oil can even prevent and treat the formation of stretch marks, especially during pregnancy. Also rub it on your lips as often as required as a substitute to your regular lip balm. 45. Soothe Skin Irritations and Allergic ReactionsCoconut oil is a very effective treatment for exposure to poison ivy.It also relieves the itch caused by insect bites and chicken pox.46. Stimulate Lash GrowthCoconut oil with lemon juice and a very small amount of lavender oil applied to lashes up to three times per day will clean and nourish lashes allowing for extended growth.47. On-The-Go Shaving CreamApply generously as a shaving cream to dry skin prevent shaving cuts and irritation.48. Soothe Sore ThroatAnti-viral properties will reduce pain and swelling caused by inflammation of the throat when taken regularly throughout the day.49. Natural SunscreenAmazingly coconut oil is equivalent to a SPF 30 as it blocks UV rays.50. Soothes SunburnSoothes the discomfort caused by sunburn when applied topically to the affected areas.51. Relieves Cold Hands and FeetImproves blood circulation, thus relieving the discomfort of cold hands and feet.Kitchen and Food Uses52. General Cooking UsesUse to cook and fry food as it’s the most heat stable oil and doesn’t form harmful byproducts. It’s a great oil alternative to canola, sunflower, olive oil etc. Use it to bake and make scrumptious healthy desserts or add it to your smoothies for a great energy boost. 53. Boost Your CoffeeEmulsify into your coffee to add fullness and flavor.54. Season CookwareUse as an alternative to nonstick sprays to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals and metals. Season your cookware by spreading it on to your pots and pans to lengthen their lifespan and protect the nonstick layer.55. Make Your Own ChocolateFor a very healthy chocolate option, heat cocoa powder, coconut oil, salt, honey and vanilla extract together.Allow to set in a form you choose, cut and serve.Household Uses56. Grease Mechanical MotorsApply to moving parts of anything mechanical to aid in frictional movement and rotation.57. Remove Rust and Clean MetalApply to areas with rust. Let the coconut oil sit for 10 minutes and then scrub it off with a strong sponge.58. Polish and Treat Wooden Floors and FurnitureUse as a natural treatment to nourish and seal wooden splits and tears.59. Shine Leather ShoesSoften and shine genuine leather shoes by rubbing a small amount over leather. Allow to dry for 10 minutes and buff off with a dry microfiber cloth.60. Clean Makeup BrushesDip your brushes in warm liquid coconut oil, let sit and wash with warm water and a very soft shampoo.The coconut oil will serve as an antibacterial agent as well as moisturizer for your brushes ensuring cleanliness and longevity.61. Polish and Shine SilverwarePolish your silverware and cutlery with a small amount of coconut oil to bring out the shine and remove black marks.62. Use as a Household CleanerRemove grime, soap scum, and mold. Apply liberally to dirty areas and let set for 20 minutes. Scrub away with warm water and a brush.63. Use as Insect RepellentCombine coconut oil with rosemary and or mint essential oils and a bit of catnip to create a natural insect repellent.Infants and Children 64. Treat and Relieve Nappy Rash.Use as regular diaper cream and to cure conditions such as nappy rash and irritation caused by wet nappies when applied to your baby’s bottom.Adding Vitamin E is also very good to strengthen babies skin.65. Treat and Effectively Remove Head LiceCombine apple cider vinegar to coconut oil, and apply to the hair and scalp.Leave mixture for 20-30 minutes and rinse the hair clean. It can also be combined with anise spray to combat lice. 66. Treat Ear InfectionsThe antibiotic properties of coconut oil make it a great ointment to treat ear and other infections.Animals and Pets67. Improve Overall Pet HealthThis is the one food source that is just as good for your pet as it is for you.Mix coconut oil with their food for a natural supplement to enhance major body functions.68. Enhance Pet’s FurApply coconut oil directly onto your pet’s fur. This added nutrition will improve fur condition allowing the body’s natural ability to regulate temperature through the animal’s coat to function normally.69. Soothe Pet Skin AllergiesApply directly to irritated areas to instantly moisturize and reduce erythema. References:https://www.prevention.com/beauty/coconut-oil-cures-for-your-skin-and-hair – 10 Amazing Beauty Tricks With Coconut Oil, 2014https://sunwarrior.com/healthhub/the-healing-wonders-of-coconuts –  Top 10 Health Benefits of Coconuts, 2015https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Coconut-Oil-Healthy-43676177 – Confused About Those Coconut Oil Claims? 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