A failsafe actuator is provided for returning an actuator
driven element to a failsafe position in case of a failure condition. The
actuator  includes a drive assembly for
driving a plunger (318) from a first plunger position to a second plunger
position. The actuator additionally includes a stored energy element for
driving the plunger from the second plunger position to the first plunger position
on the occurrence of the failure condition, wherein the actuator driven element
is responsive to the plunger such that the actuator drive element is driven to
the failsafe position when the plunger is driven to the first position.

original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expanding their production bases to
emerging economies to expand their market reach and leverage the existing
capacity for auto-component manufacturing (SMEs) and provide opportunities for
suppliers and subcontractors (SMEs) to build innovation capabilities leading to
better performance. The innovation systems 
perspective and global value chain perspective contributes to develop
important frame work for  evaluating
innovation performance and maintain 
competitiveness of firms. These firms utilize  external source of innovation and knowledge
spill over externalities at cluster. This study explores  firm’s technological innovation capabilities
and economic performance in the Pune automobile 
cluster. Empirical evidence shows that how firms can interact with
Innovation Systems and  Global Value
Chain perspective to build innovation capabilities (technological capability,
manufacturing capability, organizational capability, strategic planning
capability and marketing  capability).
The structured equation modeling (SEM) has been performed to test hypotheses
and results enable us to know how firms’ utilize external source  of 
innovation and enhance their innovation capabilities and achieve global

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