A distinguish inside from outside and arbitrate people’s



A place can be appreciated by three primary objects which
attract people attentions. Meaningful exterior spaces are composed by paths,
portals, and places. Paths are the walkways, streets, sidewalks more often are
before portals. Portals are the gates into the places. And the places are
piazzas, courts and parks.


Portals are transitions and transformations between two
places. Generally, portals are gateways and thresholds. Threshold is a point
where the limit amongst the inside and outside can be opened. In short, the
threshold is the point where the path experience of moving toward of becoming
change to the place experience of arriving, of being.Its various architectural
elements distinguish inside from outside and arbitrate people’s passage between
them: porches, doorways, Each provides distinctive perceptual, behavioural,
social and symbolic affordances. 

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