A federal government wants them to do. There

                A Basic
conflict in Dual Federalism is that the state and federal government are
distinctly separate. Yet the federal government can make laws that effect the
state and local ones, you can see this in the law that passed the legality of
gay marriage. Many states had either blurry lines on it or very distinct ones
you did not cross. Nullification is when the states can say they don’t want to
follow a certain law that the federal government has said is a law now. This is
something that is a very fine line if its good or bad. On one hand its bad if a
state takes a law, like the legal drinking age being 21 and lowers it, and says
that they are going to follow it. What happens? Well if its 18, you take people
without fully developed brains and it makes a huge impact on them, but on the
other hand, why shouldn’t you be able to drink? You can smoke, enroll in the
military, and many other things that also influence your life in a major way.
So does that make it right? Why 21? But you can also take something like the
legalization of gay marriage, this is country wide. What if it went the other
way around? What if they outlawed gay marriage? In places like California it
had already been legal for a long time. What would happen to that state? In
this way it could be a good thing that a state can nullify a federal law. Yet
with everything you walk a very fine line, people would begin to flood into
that takes, places that are over populated already would get packed to the max
making it unsafe to live or work.

Federalism is when state and national government actively work together but
have separate and very precise jurisdictions. While Centralized Federalism is
where the federal government is in charge and the states just help them.

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Federal Government gives the states money to either help them out or buy their
allegiance. If the Federal government is handing out money states are more
likely to do what the federal government wants them to do. There are
grants-in-aid which is cash money given to the states. Categorical grants,
where are grants-in-aid that are given for very specific things inside the
state. General revenue sharing grants are grants-in-aid that are given with a
few rules on how to spend the money but also the states have more discretion on
how to spend the money.