About as a science is a Physics, chemistry,

the Author:

Matson was born in Black Hills of South Dakota and graduated from the
university of Colorado in Boulder and received his M.A and PH.D in Sociology.

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Spirit of Sociology is an idea that embraces many qualities used to examine a
discipline. A discipline, as defined in the dictionary is a subject that is
taught a field of study.

              The first wisdom of sociology is
that things are not as they seem.

–  Peter Berger, invitation to

things are not what they seem on the surface what are the things really like?
This idea suggests that most of us live in a world that we don’t understand.


is a book with a big idea, like sociology as science, symbolic interaction,
functionalism, culture, civilization, power elite, social inequality and social

in brief is why it is by means of sociological imagination that men now hope to
grasp what is going on in the world, and to understand what is happening in
themselves as minute points of the intersections of biography and history
within society. Sociology as a science is a Physics, chemistry, biology, anthropology
and sociology all have more in common as sciences than might first appear.

Sociology has it place in the science and is one that has its own domain and
its own theories and methods. Social life for sociology has come to be
understood at the macro and micro levels. In Social group to many sociology is social
group plays an immensely important part in social life. Culture is the fabric
of our social lives. This piece shows us that the social reality of our lives
may be based less on the way things really are and more artifact of media hype.

Horace Miner:

           Anthropologists are able to look
objectively into the different cultures.

inequality:  one of sociology enduring
debates is about conservation of functional analysis; Gams shows how it can be
used to make some radical points about the economically oppressed.

G. William Dom Hoff: 

very few of us live in the upper class, Dom Hoff takes a structural look at the
institutions which support the persistence of this group, social clubs,
universities, parties and marriages are all ways the upper class maintains its
membership and lifestyle. Emile Durkheim a great French sociologists who
published several provocative books between 1890 and 1915, is often regarded as
the classic founder of functionalism. Functionalism is a macro perspective that
examines the creation maintenance, and alteration of durable social practices,
institutions, and entire societies. Functionalism assumes, the first that
societies can be linked to problem solving entities. Politics and Economy in
which Qualitative research is used to understand the process whereby dis-placed
workers adjust unemployment. A personal set of work experience takes Burawoy
through U.S and Eastern European factory life. This sociology is able to
connect his biography to some very important observation about political
economy. Globalization broadly refers of global linkages, the organization of
social life on a global scale, and growth of a global consciousness, hence to
the consolidation of world society.


eminent French sociologist defines and illustrates social facts. Durkheim
recognized that understanding society would require that we study it at the
macro social level and develop concepts that would account for the influence
structures and patterns have on individuals.


eclectic reader, edited by an award – winning teacher, introduces students to
sociology diversity as a science and profession. There are three selections for
each of the fifteen major topic areas etc.