Abstract deserves the highest allocation of resources


                     Being able to understand
and apply risk assessment methodology is important to successfully and competently
create a safe computing environment. This might be challenging for the information
security experts due to altering technological systems, and the vast growth of
the internet, and just basically being able to find and evaluate risk. By means
of computer security and computer systems becoming more complex, integrated and
connected to third parties, the security and controls budget quickly reach restrictions.
Through this kind of restrictions, information technology experts need to comprehend
the relative implication of different sets of systems, application, data,
storage and communication mechanisms. To meet these requirements and more
organizations need to complete security risks assessments that service
enterprise risk assessment approach to certifying all aspects of IT are addressed,
including hardware and software, employee alertness training and business
processes. This report will evaluate the organization’s current computer network
design and systems, the different threats related to the network systems and
how they can better guard their network systems against vulnerabilities. This
report will also find the security issuse in the organization networks and provide
a breakdown of the strength of passwords used by the employees in the
organization to determine whether weak passwords is a security issue for the

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INTRODUCTIONPurposeThe purpose of
this security assessment report is to integrate network security and physical security
to examine security data risk. This scrutiny consist of any past intrusions through
the network or physically, any identified threats or any potential threats.
This assessment will arrange which of the risk deserves the highest allocation
of resources to address, individuals and systems most affected by the risks.



            The main goal of the organization is
to determine and develop a working system groundwork. The objective is to realize
and build up a LAN and WAN system program that will help the original multipurpose
and adjustable system structure. The outline will help the organization develop
a more general system that strengthens its financial framework with more benefits
and deals in the future. The system intends to assist the partnership specialist
with employing the new applications which are urgent to the efficient operation
of new preparing plans for the organization. The network is comprised of LANs
and WANs. A LAN consists of a computer network at a single site, usually within
an individual office building. LANs are useful for sharing resources, such as
data storage and printers. Smaller LANs can use one to three computers, whereas
lager LANs can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of computers. LANs rely
on wired connections to increase speed and security, but wireless connections
can also be incorporated into the LAN. A WAN occupies a large area, such as a
country or the world. The WAN can contain many smaller LANs. The Internet is an
example of a WAN. WAN is a wireless computer network that links multiple
devices using a wireless distribution method within a limited area.