Abstract in order to assess the risk that


     The  present study was to evaluate the spatial
variability of soil salinity .This variability was used in the frame of a
non-parametric geostatistical interpolation method in order to assess the risk
that the soil salinity, at un sampled locations, is higher than a given

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         A study on a 580 ha field
located in the eastern region of Abadla, Sud-West of Algeria, was undertaken to
investigate the spatial variability of selected soil properties, electrical
conductivity ‘EC’, pH (acidity or alkalinity of soil) and soil texture

  238 soil samples were taken from
irrigated fields in October 2016, the study consists of a study of
physicochemical parameters over a horizon of depth of 0.60 cm (the root layer),
in this perspective we see very (EC, pH, Na, Ca, Mg, SAR and ESP analyzes) and
were carried out on these samples.

statistical analysis showed high spatial variability across the experimental
field based on EC, exchangeable sodium potassium and pH; indicated by values of
the coefficient of variation and (CV) ,of 84 %, 89,52% , 11.16%, and standard
deviation (SD ) of 37.58,1.08 and 0.0837 respectively.

As regards the
alkaline soil we can use the  ESP and the
PH to describe the degree of alkalinity with limit of IT. soils with grave
alkalinity are the ones of which the average ESP is upper to 20 %. In the
majority of the cases, the ESP is between 5-20 % ( Modern Alkalinity) is to smolder
a large surface.

     From data from a systematic
sampling with a step of 200 meters, we have attempted to represented the
variation in salinity, ESP and soil pH in mapping form nevertheless the maps
obtained are accurate. The geostatistical analysis included a major step: The
use of a spatial prediction technique taking into account this spatial
structure ( the Kriging). In the first place, it seems appropriate to first
determine whether the overall variability within our study area is important
before deciding whether it is useful to analyze the spatial structure, using
simple tools (histogram, statistical parameter). Variability exists and she is
very important.