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According to Durham Public
Schools, 21st Century Literature is trying to understand and define perspective
of others and their cultures. One example of this is the story that we read for
class, ((Find the name of the paper, the quiz). In the story, we were in the
point of view of a female investigator that was trying to solve cases of
children killing other children then commit suicide then a mystery man showed
her the point of view of the children and the reason why they are killing themselves.

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For me, 21st
Century Literature is gaining insights and lessons from the stories that we
read from. Lessons from the books that we read impart morals that can be
applied to our lives. The novel that I read was 5 People you meet In Heaven
written by Mitch Albom. In this book, the main character, Eddie dies from saving
a girl in the Pier where he works. After he dies, he meets five people in his
life. The first person he met was a blue man named Joseph Corvelzchik. Eddie
did not know him however he was the reason why he died because he was trying to
avoid hitting Eddie. The lesson here was that everything happens for a reason
because Joseph was sick and was suffering because of the medicine given to him
was silver nitrate and drank more since he was not feeling better. The second
person Eddie met his captain during World War 2. While trying to escape a labor
camp, Eddie saw a figure in a burning building, the captain shot his leg since
they had no time because the captain knew he would not make it. The lesson here
is that we all have to make sacrifices since they can make a huge difference to
a person’s life. The third person he met was Ruby, the wife of the owner of
Ruby Pier. Roby told Eddie that his father is not always been a father who was violent
and did not care like the way he was, he once saved Emile, Ruby’s husband from
drowning and both of them were brought to the hospital. The lesson here is to always
forgive and not let your anger get to you. The fourth person that he met is Marguierite,
his wife that passed away. He asked for forgiveness from her since he wanted to
give her a better life when they were still alive. Both of them remembered their
wedding day then Marguirtie told him that lost love is still love but it is a
different kind of love. The last person that eddie met is Tala, the figure that
he saw in burning building. She died in the burning building because no one was
able to save her. Tala told her that she did save the girl in the park. The lesson
here is that everyone has purpose in our lives.