Although that we are equal and should

Although the given D.O.I. line is from a much more brutally unfair issue, the idea that we are equal and should be treated equally with simple rights still applies in this situation. In the past, net neutrality gave all internet users the same amount of data and connection, no matter who the client was. But now that net neutrality no longer exists, Internet companies can control who gets more coverage. For example, they could raise the price for a majority of people and have a lower price for the rest. This could be a great change for some, or a disastrous change for others. Depending on the perspective, you lose or you gain, with equality being tossed down the drain. But while being able to change our level of access, there’s also the elephant in the room: why are they controlling something we are supposed to deal with ourselves in the first place?Yes, the boring job of paying for internet, setting it up, and having it dispersed throughoutthe house. Oh, how people must miss those days. With net neutrality gone, we have no further control. We’ve lost the remote and are forced to watch the dreaded Channel 7. Not literally, of course, but it is unfortunate that we can no longer control what happens to our internet. It’s in the hands of someone that, well… we don’t really know. Real reassuring, right? Focusing back on the current topic, without control of our own internet, we can’t change our coverage if we’re on the majority list. That all being said, by far the most disturbing thought of all is that not only can they change our internet coverage whenever and to whatever, they can use their newfound control to their own profitable advantage.Yep, the cat’s out of the bag. Arguably the most obvious reason for wanting to kill netneutrality, companies can now use their control over the internet to prioritise their own channels and TV networks over their rivals to profit off of their rival’s failures. Not only would they gain massive control over the general population, but also other large corporations that depend on wifi to exist, like Amazon and Google. Though they’ve given a speech saying that access to websites won’t change, that doesn’t sound to convincing, and they now have massive amounts of power to back up their position as well. All in all, they have too much power and should never have been allowed to proceed with their bill to end net neutrality in the first place.