APA we need to cite tow are

styling is divided in to following sections:

Title page, Abstract, Introduction,
Method, Results, Discussion, References, Appendices

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Use serif typeface for text, Sans serif
typeface for figure labels, Double-space for the whole page

Indent the first line of every paragraph
of one-half inch

Align text to left-hand margin leaving a
ragged right margin

Numbers: Add page numbers on top right starting from one. In
the first page it contains Title, in second page it contains abstract, in third
page it contains actual content followed by reference page which will start in
new page followed by appendix page which will start in new page.


Before writing first we need to define headings
which will track the development

Be specific what you are referring to

Be sensitive to labels.  Refer how they need to refer to

in text: Take notes as you research to keep track of all your
source and collect the information you need to cite them properly. While citing
include author’s surname and year of publication. Include page number for
direct quote. If we need to cite tow are more arrange alphabetical order


Reference: List
of articles, websites etc. used while writing in this paper should include at the
end of the paper which is centered at the top of paper with bold. Use author
surname if we have more than one, with double space the entire reference list.

Format: Author name followed by publication date followed by title
of work followed by publication data. While writing we need to make sure version
should be the latest, include volume number, use DOI and place at the end of
the reference if not available the URL. Don’t forget not put period at end of


for Making A

goals:  By
understanding the course outline by checking what course will cover and what I
am going to learn from this course. So that I can setup some goal to achieve
something from this course.

classes regularly: I will be dynamic student. Will classes
daily and partake on every event whatever point conceivable. The communication
will help me to recall more than if you sit inactively in class and doing my
own stuff

what I am studying: Just studying will not get you good
knowledge because it will to cause you to analyze the content. By writing down
the notes what I am studying will boost my understanding the content. I can
refer this notes in future if required.

Doubts: While studying on some concept, understand what
actually happening specific to each scenario and think whether it can be
possible in different way or not. If it is possible analyze whether that
solution is better or not. If it is not possible I will analyze why the
approach I have chosen is not correct.

videos for enhancement: By watching the videos related to
scenarios what I am currently studying will help to gain more knowledge which
is not covered the course syllabus.

Study well

quiz and achieve 100%: Participate in online quizzes or
online exams related to what we are studying. Repeat this until you get 100% no
matter if I write for 3 times.