APPLICATIONS: for Cleaning For cleaning the surfaces we


Applications for thermal power plants are mentioned below:

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Propulsion(process to force any substance in the forward


Atomization(to break a substance into fine particles.

Cleaning (used to remove the
waste and to improve the efficiency of the substance)

Moisturization (used to avoid from dryness)

Humidification(can be
done by heating or cooling)

Steam for Heating

Positive Pressure Steam

Steam can be produced at positive pressures
generally. Mostly it is given above zero mega pascal and temperatures also
above hundred degree.

Applications of heating can be found in
factories while making different food.

Heating application can be used in oven.

Temperature can be controlled by using any hot
liquid such as water.

Steam as Motive Fluid

Steam  can also be
directly used as a motivational force to move water as a liquid or any other
liquid or carbon dioxide gas or any other gas towards piping..

Steam for Atomization

The process in which we separate two or more fluids mechanically
is known as Steam atomization . for decreasing the efficiency of combustion and
the number of molecules of hydrocarbons steam is introduced into the fuel.


Steam for Cleaning

For cleaning the surfaces we widely  used steam. After cleaning the surfaces
deposited chemicals are removed. And after that boiler capacity can easily be
maintained. Unfailing or loyality can be enhanced and efficiency can be

Steam released out of the soot blower nozzle shifts the dry or
fritting ash and slag, which then fall into hoppers or are carried out with the
combusted gasses.

Steam for Moisturization

Steam can be used for two mechanisms at a same duration or cycle.
such as it can moisturized a mechanism and as well as can generate and supply
heat to the system. Such as it is used in  paper production as a moisturizing.