Assignment understand it . They help me in

Assignment 12 (End of term Reflection)Answer 1.  Yes, my course helps me toward my educational, carrer and personal goals. My course helps me to increase my personal skills  which I can use to make my future better. It also helps me to know better about my future career. For example: In psychology assignment, many tutorial happened, which depicted many career related to my skills in that program , in that my skills use in better way and I can easily do that work because I have that skills. All my classes gives information from that I can score well in exam as well as in my life.Answer 2. Yes, the classes that I am taking help me to meet my short term and long term goals as attending classes helps me to know what I have to complete before coming to next classes. It helps me to updating for all my work . Moreover, in classes, I try to taking helps of teachers and they help  know about me in better way , what I have prons and cons and helps to pursue my long term goals. Answer 3. Yes, the classes I am taking meeting my expectation. Firstly, I am international student, English is not my first language. But, my all teachers do not make me feel bad about it. They speak in that way so that all students can understand it . They help me in every situation and helps me to know what is good career for me. And, if I am facing any problem in study or another, then, they also help me .Answer 4. In my opinion, I am working hard for achieving best result of the classes, I am enrolled. Firstly, I attend all the classes every weak. If, I miss any class, then, I asked my classmates what was done in classes. Secondly, before going to any classes, I review my all the notes. It helps me to understand better in class. Moreover, if I do not learn, so, I go to my teacher to help me.Answer 5. Yes, I am try to do my best in every class. I complete my homework which I have to show in next class. Moreover, I also take part in class activity and share my opinion with other classmates and my knowledge also increase with getting know what other opinion on that topic.Answer 6. To become more successful in next semester, I do some different things. In first semester, I did not check my assignment from teachers available in writing centre because I do not aware too much about it. But from in next semester, I take a appointment from writing centre, so they can help me in my assignment mistake. Further, I do not make proper schedule of my classes and review on it. Moreover, in next semester, I go to study in library in peace and quiet environment. So, I can concentrate well on study. And in that time, I can issue any book. In addition to it, I try to attend all the workshop available in college. It will help me to get other information also then my course. Answer 7. My good habits that I should continue with me in next semester for became successful is that attend all the classes regularly and this helps to know what is up graded in class and if I miss any class then in next class, I could not understand the topic easily. So, I concentrate to not miss any class. Further, making notes in class that will help me if I forget anything then I again read it. In addition to it, review notes before class, by this I can learn easily next topic on it.Answer 8.  Yes, I experience the change in my personal life. Firstly, I was not able to show up in class but, now, I do these all activities which show my confidence level is rise up and I also personally feel because, if any people, ask me somethinhg, without  any assentation, I give answer. Answer 9. I want become closer to many teachers and I think so it is happening like what I wants, the reason I want to be closer with my teachers because they have  much experience than students. They help us in study as well as other problem that is better for a person. So that, now, I share my problem with teachers without any hesitation Because my teachers are very helpful. Moreover, they can also tell me what the good habits in me or also explain my future career.Answer 10. Yes, my school provide me the best education experience.  There are lots of things available in the school for helping the students. First of all; my teachers are very cooperative.  I can share any problem with them and they give me solution on it. Further, I think because of my teacher and my school, I started to show up in class, my confidence level is increase.Answer 11.  Yes, I am learning outside the classroom because there is other things also available, which help the students in their study and on other topic. Writing centre help the student in their study, like they show the mistake of the student in their assignment. Moreover, workshops also helps to teach the students on the particular topic. Moreover, career centre  also available for guide students for their future and other things also.Answer 12. I think that I should change my program in that, in next semester, I want to study only on psychological coursed because I feel, it is interested to study on mind and behaviour of a person. It also study on mental health problem. So, I want to learn particular this subject. So, my skill get developed in next semesters.Answer 13. In the past, I made the best choices for my study but I do some mistakes also, I do not take part in group activity, if I share my views with others then they also told about their point. Then, I start to speak with other classmates and share doubts with teacher. This helped me to show up in class and in starting of this course, I shared less problems of study with others.Answer 14. Now, I really do not have any plan, after my course General Arts and Medical Diploma program completion. But, in my next three years of work permit, I want to do job related to my study. And, I like to take advice for what is better for me to do after my course will complete.