Cameras have been a vital part of

Cameras have been a vital part of human lives, whether it may be a group of students having asmall get together, office colleagues clicking stoned snaps for bitching among or capturing thefirst smile of newly born child. Clicks are everywhere; it would not be exaggerating if wecomment that, clicks are born with life and waves goodbyes with dismissal from lives. With thedramatic evolution of humans, technology has geared up with even more pace, and the handygadgets, the mobile phones have been empowered with super awesome camera features. But,wait the cameras are like an adult watching quietly from a distance, the growth and evolution ofthe technology, and the masterstroke has supreme power. Yes, the dedicated cameras are notonly irreplaceable but also irresistible, no matter how much their prices empties one's pocket. Asnoted, the cameras have been upgraded to a whole new level, empowering art and making itmuch easier to capture the life itself. E commerce sites have added an extra cheese making itpossible to every second person to own one. Continuing with the trend, we have got a specialreview of Fuji GFX 50S for you all.Fujifilm is an old player in the market and is really famous among the enthusiasts for theaffordable price range delivered with latest tech features widely spread sales and service networkacross globe. Recently, in February Fuji has played its game by introducing Fuji GFX 50Smedium setup mirrorless digital camera, espousing a 43.8×32.9mm medium format sensorpowered with 51.4 Mega Pixel lens. The USP of product being, best in class design and brilliantuser interface gifting image versatility as a fruit of technology stemmed out from over 80 yearsof experience, Fuji has claimed that the device has got the best ever image superiority. TheFujifilm has entered into the medium format market with GF series and the GFX 50S is the veryfirst camera in the series. It customs a 51.4MP medium format CMOS sensor with a Bayer filterarray. It has everything equipped to offer retro-styling and controls in a muscly mirror less body.Let’s have a quick go through the specifications of the beast, New Firmware Ver.2.0043.8×32.9mm 51.4mp CMOS Medium Format Sensor X-Processor Pro Detachable 3.69m-DotEVF 2.36m-Dot Touchscreen LED Back Panel Compact And Lightweight Body WeatherResistant Structure Fujinon GF Lens1) Armed With A 43.8mm X 32.9mm, 51.4 MP CMOS SensorCatching Nearly 1.6x The Area Of Full Frame Sensors A whole new extraordinary level ofsharpness and wide dynamic range are now possible by virtue of both custom-made, fantasticshape of the light capturing micro-lenses and the processing of the photodiodes. The outstandinglight response performance owing to the large area pixels, leads way to camera's great sensitivityperformance and tone reproduction. Detailed, pictures can be imitated right to the slightest detail,passing on the feel of the subject.2) Compact And Frivolous Body With Crafted From Magnesium AlloyThe best recipe to have an ideal handy beast touches the feet of Fuji GGX 52S with a weight ofnearly 1230g when combined with a standard kit packed lens, surprisingly, the camera weighsaround 62% of a medium format DSLR camera fortified with a sensor of the same configuration.Even when equated to a DSLR camera with a somewhat lesser full size sensor, the Fuji beastemanates in at practically the same weight.3) 3.69M-Dot Organic EL Electronic Viewfinder And 2.36M-DotTouchscreen LCD Back Panel Again, the user interface and accessibility is enriched with sdetachable structure that has been offered, empowering a springy manoeuvre according to theusers wish. The experience can be even stretched down by conferring the disjointedly sold EVF-TL1 EVF tilt adapter; offering two different angle positions to perfectly capture landscapes andpotriats.2.36M-dot touch panel has been implemented for the rear monitor, permitting the user touse touch actions for the assortment of the menu.4) Freshly Established Large Diameter G MountAdding onto the utilization of the qualities of newly developed both body and lensesconcurrently, the GFX 50S espouses a large diameter back mount with a diameter of 65mm anda flange back of 26.7mm. This creation advances the liberty of the optical design of the lens,ultimately owing to best in class performance. So, if you are planning to own the freshly evolvedtechnology equipped beast, our suggestion would be in positive side only, the US price for sameis approximately, 6500 $, and around for Indian buyers it would cost around 450000 INR.