Can known as La Joconde or La Gioaconda.



Can you name the world’s most baffling smile? “Mona Lisa”! It’s the most mesmerizing painting done by Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s one of the greatest artwork ever since the 16th century. Leonardo portrayed Mona Lisa from oil and poplar wood. Due to the mystery of the painting, it is one of the world’s most famous painting. Mona Lisa is also known as La Joconde or La Gioaconda. Currently, the original painting is with the French government property but the painting has been reproduced and is presented in almost every museum.


To start with, the expressions on her face, her dual smile, her identity and her connection with the artist are the attracting factors that are pulling people forward to find out the mystery behind her beautiful face. Mona Lisa’s expressions are so confusing that no one knows what is she thinking or feeling. Moreover, all the small details on the painting have something mysterious about them, which cannot be answered. Though, there are many mysterious things in the painting, but the smile on her face is the most confusing factor of the painting, making the panting utmost interesting.

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As presented by Da Vinci, Mona Lisa is said to be the wife of Francesco Del Giaconda who was a merchant from Florence. Therefore, she is being presented to be Lisa Gherardini, but Mona Lisa being Lisa Gherardini is still a doubt to date. Many scholars have spent years on identifying who the figure in painting really was, but no one concluded with enough proof. By looking at her clothing Lisa Del Giocondo looks like a wife of a wealthy man which represents that she was rich and had class; although her clothing indicates the fashion of that time. A rumor also states that Lisa was pregnant at the time when she was being drawn. To justify the theory, it has been said that the smile on Mona Lisa’s face was because she was pregnant or just had a baby. Also, the placement of her hands on her stomach too indicate a similar notion of her being pregnant.


However, dozens of excellent replicas of Mona Lisa exist from which some of them have been done by Da Vinci’s students. When combined the original painting with one of the Da Vinci’s pupil’s artwork, the combination creates a 3-d effect, making it the world’s first stereoscopic image. There have been many types of songs, books, movies, and rumors about the painting. One of the movies of Mona Lisa is named as ‘Mona Lisa smile’ written by William James Adams. Also, some songs also have been named after her like the song ‘Mona Lisa’ written by Ray Evans.


Furthermore, the theft of the master piece on August 21st, 1911, created a huge hype in media. Gulliaume Apollinaire, an enemy of traditional art who was a poet and play writer, and Pablo Picasso were questioned as suspects when the painting was stolen, but were realeased within a week as no further evidence was found regarding the theft. To everyone’s relief, the painting was found in late November of 1913 and the thief Vincenzo Perugia was arrested in Italy.  The painting was never stolen after that due to the increased safety around it. However, the painting was tried to be destroy several times with acid, spray paint, coffee mug and rock therefore, the authenticity of the painting has disappeared over time, possibly because of the over cleaning.


Finally, Mona Lisa was one of the best art work of Da Vinci. It’s being said that during the long hours of posing, Leonardo was entertaining Lisa with buffoons, music, humoristic conversation and reading, probably to keep her interested. Interestingly, another the meaning of Mona Lisa means “Lisa, of bare eyebrows”, and if you closely look her eyebrows were not painted or she didn’t have them. However, the painting is pure priceless and is currently hung on the walls of Musee de Louvre. Even though controversies have risen, it is still been appreciated by the famous artists and the community. Every human being once have gazed at that mysterious smiling painting of Leonardo Da Vinci.