Chapter The hazard and disaster are not area



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1.1  Background of the study


The hazard and disaster
are not area specific and their vulnerability is high in an urban center where
the population is high and the area is congested. The cities of India are
experiencing the high rate of population growth. Due to the lack of
infrastructure amenities such as drainage, water supply, sanitation,
transportation and social services and congestion these cities are facing the
problems due to occurrence of some natural events and hazards which causes
catastrophic loss to the human life and property.

With advent of
globalization, mega city becomes the driving force of development as it is
characterized by all the amenities and necessities that are required for
quality subsistence. Hence urban agglomerations are characterized by rapid
growth of population more particularly due to rural urban shift and also due to
natural increase.

One of the most frequent
hazard, flood occurs frequently across every part of the world. With some
varying intensity. These are different types of flood. Flood can be large scale
called river-in flood to storm runoff flood. However on average these floods have
some sort of problems with variation in magnitude of severity and its impact.
This study would particularly concentrate on urban floods which may not have
severe impact but could be a threat to the future sustainability of the city.
It is highly essential to sort out the different reasons and their impacts in
terms of the city wise distribution and subsequently formulating a proper
decision system for avoiding any future occurrence.


1.2  Selection of area


Ahmedabad Municipal
Corporation is one of the largest corporations of Gujarat State. AMC has got a
status of a mega city that means the city performs high rate of growth of
population and level of urbanization. A part of Ahmedabad city is taken for the
study purpose. The flood in the city may occur due to manmade activities,
construction of roads and buildings, improper storm water drainage system, high
intensity rainfall and many more reasons. The result of the flood affects daily
life and economic activities. Thus it is very essential to find out the causes
and the measures to mitigate the flood situation in any given condition.


1.3  Aim


To analyze urban flood
risk scenario and suggests the storm water management plan to improve the
efficiency of storm water drains of south zone of Ahmedabad city.


1.4  Objectives


To identify the flood prone areas and
respective catchments using GIS.

To measure the capacity of storm water
network in selected ward of south zone.

To integrate the storm water network with
the rainfall data and the topography.

To identify solution to improve the
existing storm drainage network.




1.5  Scope


The water logging area
due to heavy rainfall is the concern of this study, such flood occurs due to
many local factors. Basically this study is kind of analysis, which looks at
the problem of flood in detail and can be helpful for sorting out the recommendations
and proposal. This study is an attempt to look into flood vulnerability.