Chris he served ten years in the military.

Kyle once said, “I’m trying to raise awareness of the troops that, when they
deploy and go to war, it’s not just them at war – it’s also their family.  Their family is having to go through all of
the hardships and the stresses.”  The
second that a soldier leaves their family and home, there is a chance that the
will never return.  This is very hard to
think about, so just imagine how the family members feel when they are put in
this situation.  The soldiers risk their
lives for our freedoms, and many of them have families.  So, what they do to protect the citizens of
the United States, which many they do not even know, is truly remarkable. Chris
Kyle describe these hardships in a book he has written called American Sniper.  Many people realize the hardships that
soldiers go through when they deploy, but many people do not think about the
families that have to deal with the same pain. 

            Chris Kyle and his family went
through this because he served ten years in the military.  In the non-fiction, autobiography called American Sniper, Chris Kyle describes
his time at war, but also discusses how hard it was on his wife, kids, and
family back at home.  In the book, he
describes that it was very hard for Taya, his wife, to endure the hardships
that she went through when he first joined the military.  At the beginning of his career, Chris had
very little contact with his wife while he was overseas. When he returned home
after his first deployment, Taya noticed that Chris was angrier than
usual.  She was also pregnant with their
first baby boy at the time, and gives birth to him right before Chris leaves
for Iraq again.  She began to get very
upset because she had to deal with a son by herself and had to worry about
Chris at the same time.  So, even though
Chris was overseas getting bullets shot at him, Taya was at home being a single
mother that had to work a full-time job, and did not even get to see her
husband for months at a time.  Chris
returns once again, and Taya and him start to have marital problems because he
was planning on going on another tour to Iraq. 
She even told him that if he does so, she will know that he values the
SEALs more than his wife and children. 
Chris still goes back into the military with Taya being pregnant again,
and has an emergency C-section a few days before he goes back.  Now, Taya had to take care of two children,
work a full-time job, and worry about Chris because he had a bounty on his head
in Iraq for being one of the deadliest snipers. 
All of these everyday wars that she had to face proved that family
members serve in the military too.

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