Climate of years” (BBC, 2015). If the

Climate change is becoming a large-scale problem because it is increasing the temperature in the atmosphere. According to NASA, climate change will produce more droughts, heat waves, change in precipitation patterns, and more (Jackson 2017). This is causing massive wildfires and mudslides throughout California. Scientists have discovered a new type of energy source to help. It’s called nuclear power and it is an alternative way to make energy by boiling water that makes steam, which turns turbines to produce electricity (Diffen 2018). Duke Energy states, “Nuclear power plants take the needed heat to produce steam through the process of fission. This process splits atoms of uranium in a nuclear reactor. The uranium fuel contains small, hard ceramic pellets that are stored in long, vertical tubes” (Duke Energy). With traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels becoming less available, we must come up with new ways to create energy, but nuclear power shouldn’t be used. To begin, nuclear power shouldn’t be used for energy because solar and wind power are way better sources of energy. Solar power takes the natural energy from the sun and converts it to electricity or whatever you want to use this power for. Moreover, Wind power takes to wind and turns windmills that turn into energy. Both of these alternative energy sources are renewable energy that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases (Newsela, 2016). This is just one reason nuclear power shouldn’t be used in the world as an energy source. Another reason nuclear power shouldn’t be used for energy is that it contains radioactive materials. As stated by BBC, “And if there is an accident, large amounts of radioactive material could be released into the environment… nuclear waste remains radioactive and is hazardous to health for thousands of years” (BBC, 2015). If the United States began to use nuclear power in more states, there will be a greater risk for an accident to occur and this would harm thousands, even millions of citizens. This is a huge reason why we should not use nuclear power as an energy source. On the other hand, many might say nuclear power is a good thing because there are other materials that can be used to do nuclear fission on. One of those elements is thorium. This is a more environmentally friendly substance. Many other countries such as China, India, and Russia already have plans to use thorium for this process (Maehlum, 2014). Many may think this is a good thing, but it could cost a lot because no one element is the same and the fission could be different. Many people will have to figure how to perfectly separate the thorium. Having these chemists work on this won’t be cheap. Why would someone want to spend money on something that could be more deadly than fossil fuels? I know I wouldn’t want to. All in all, other people may conclude that you can use other elements, but it won’t be cheap or any better. In conclusion, many countries have started to use nuclear power as an alternative energy source instead of the traditional fossil fuel that emits greenhouse gases. This new process is not a good idea because there are other ways to make energy. For example, solar power that just needs sunlight and wind power that simply uses the wind! These two sources are way more environmentally friendly than nuclear power will be as long as the possibility for radioactive waste to explode into the atmosphere. To add-on, this radioactive material can harm not only humans, but also the environment is at risk. As said by Barack Obama on the problem of climate change, ‘”Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now”‘ (Santiago, 2015). This a huge problem and if we use nuclear power to fix it, it won’t. This will only make the problem worse.