Cloud their situation. This report is focusing

Computing and Mobile Application

Author: Arsalan
ID: HANA1D1701
Due Date: 19/01/2018
Lecturer: Amreeta Hinduja
Subject Name & Code: 1020QBT Academic and Professional Skills Development
for Science and Technology

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary………………………………………………….…………….……………i
1.0       Introduction and Background. 4
2.0       Findings and
Discussions. 4
2.1        Advantages of cloud computing systems. 4
2.2        Impacts of cloud computing. 5
2.3        Implications of cloud computing. 6
3.0       Recommendations. 6
4.0       Conclusions. 7
5.0 Glossary. 8




Technological innovation helps in developing modern functions
and instructions through information. Information technology helps people to
gather lots of information regarding the proper need of their situation. This
report is focusing on the importance of information technology in the felid of
technological advancements. The main purpose of this report is to highlight the
main impacts of modern technologies in this 21st century in order to establish
IT graduate students for better job placements in future. This report is made
to draw the attention of the readers towards the specific information
technology systems that can help the people to develop their actions based on
the significance of that technology. Hence, it will explain and suggest about
suitable strategies for the university to provide significant learning
procedure to their IT graduate students.




1.0       Introduction and Background

IT is
basically an application which helps store, process, execute data in different
forms often in different organizations and companies. Information technology
provides various types of information that suits the appropriate field.
Information technology systems also help in connecting people through different
possible technological systems such as email, social media and mobile applications.
Through this report, it has been illustrated by the specific technology in this
modern world that helps in maintain better communication processes. Hence, this
report has focused on the most emerging technologies of the twenty-first
century that are cloud computing followed with mobile applications.























   Findings and Discussions

technology systems are highly essential for developing the path of successful
continuation of the business associations. Technologies are increasing every
day in order to enlighten people with successful information regarding the
proper use of the technologies. Cloud computing systems have been found to be
the most encouraging technology system in a modern world that helps in better
implications and difficulties. The advantages of this technology systems
software ensure better security provisions and develop the scope for initiating
successful innovation procedure. According to Criado,
Sandoval-Almazan & Gil-Garcia (2013), information technology systems are
the part of developing modern functions of the business operations and there
are various functions in the companies and organizations which are dependent on
technological advancements. In addition to that, cloud computing system information
has a huge part in the procession of the developing business functions.


2.1    Advantages
of cloud computing systems

Cloud computing systems have innumerable approaches for its significant
processes. Garg, Versteeg & Buyya (2013) suggests that Cloud computing
system helps in reducing IT infrastructure costs of the business company by
fulfilling significant demands with one application instalment process. It has
been found that more than 25% of the business organisations have developed
their functions with the help of cloud computing systems. Nearly, billions cost
have been reduced by implementing cloud computing systems. Cloud computing has
helped to enlighten the rate of customer satisfaction up to high limit
(Abolfazli, Gani & Buyya, 2014). In addition to this, cloud computing
software in information technology systems also helps in making easier
installation of software programming for better innovation process of the
company and similarly, mobile applications of information systems also help in spreading
valuable information from one person to another. Hence, cloud computing systems
have the beneficial part of storing business data securely and help the users
interact with more users in base of cloud without any implications.


Whereas in current times and situations, it has also been observed that
the use of mobile applications also helps in ensuring better information
transfer systems along with that, it has been found that mobile application
usage has become an emerging trend in the field of information technology
systems and this is because with the help of mobile applications the purpose of
communicating with a large number of people at one glance is being served
successfully. The mobile applications that are the part of this unit are mobile
phones, tablets and stored in desktop computers as well.


2.2    Impacts of
cloud computing

In order to talk about the impact of cloud computing systems in
information technology field, it is quite important to state about its
increasing demand in modern life processes. Cloud computing systems reflect on
the significant processes such as remote locations. These functions can help
future IT graduates by checking their pathway towards the identification of
proper locations from far distances. As per the views of Wang & Schaefer
(2015) cloud computing systems also have the provision for instant reporting
facilities that help in the better evaluation process of streaming and media
conferences. Cloud computing system in information technology field has another
impact on the accessibility of data input methods. This process can help the IT
engineers to control and maintain the data from various locations. The process
will also help the IT graduates to develop their scope for data accessing
facilities. As compared to other technologies cloud computing systems have
attracted large number of people towards its emerging technology.


2.3    Implications
of cloud computing

The most significant impact of cloud computing systems is the provision
for security management process. Cloud computing systems have a password controlling
facility that controls the important data and store it securely for further
use. This process can help the IT graduates to learn the techniques of
accessing the process of data security actions. Thus, enough information can be
gathered by cloud computing system and it also helps in better learning
procedure. However, it can be stated that cloud computing facilities have
become the emerging trend for the information technology systems because of its
valuable impacts on the knowledge increment process. 1,
Liu, Lu & Bhargava (2013) stated that mobile applications have fundamental
impacts on the development of IT graduates as it helps in communicating with a
large number of people at one glance. The process of data transfer facility is
also very effective in order to control large data in short interval of time. Furthermore,
this process can also help an IT engineer to transfer enormous amount of data
within short span of time.


3.0    Recommendations

On this behalf, the job skills that are required for
the IT graduates in order to implement these findings are better learning

The effective training process can help the IT
graduates to improve their knowledge for better accession of the actions.

In order to emerge the chance of an graduate students
to have better job facilities in future, the University should also give them
proper learning procedure by focusing on the basic knowledge of the emerging
information systems.

University should provide valuable learning procedures
to the students in order to enlarge and enhance their scope for better
opportunities in future.

The university should also be aware about the
emergence of new technologies in current times so that they can provide better
information and knowledge to the students for its utmost accessibility purpose.

4.0    Conclusions  

From the
overall view of the above discussion, it has been analysed that proper
information technology systems have a larger impact on the development of the
modern technology. I believe that this report has provided enough knowledge
about the emergence of modern technologies in current times. The use of mobile
applications has also become a part of emerging new technologies and this has
provided enough knowledge to the students for their future. Therefore, it can
be concluded that better information regarding significant technologies can
help IT graduates, to establish successfully in future.








Cloud computing

 Cloud computing
is a system of information technology software that helps in better controlling
of the IT functions. Cloud computing here is the main information technology

Mobile applications

Mobile applications refer to kind of process that helps
in solving specific functions. Mobile applications here are a term for
information technology that gathers information and connects people.

Social media

Social media is a platform of sharing information
through large area. It helps in connecting people by sharing information based
on specific actions.

Learning process

idea about some significant process is called learning. However, IT graduates
need enough learning materials for controlling cloud computing systems


Permission for controlling the systems is called
accessibility. Here, eligible students can access the functions of cloud
computing systems after developing sufficient knowledge.




6.0    References



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Scaffolded Plan of your Report

This scaffold is to guide your thinking and
analysis.  It should not be used as a
direct template for your writing, but as a guide for things to consider. 

What are the overall argument /
position of your report?
In my report, I will be
discussing about cloud computing and applications where there will be
arguments over its technological emergence in Australia and how university
passing out graduates can cope up with this field and be prepared with
suitable and satisfactory skills. There are some advantages along with some
disadvantages and discussion on this particular field dispute. However, this
technology is gradually emerging all over Australia.

Summary of journal articles:
Write a 100-word summary of each journal article.  This means you must
use your own words ensuring that you also use APA style/IEEE style
in-text citations every time you use the ideas or information from the
research. Summarise the argument,
relevant evidence and examples that you will use to support your ideas. Show
how the ideas in each article link to the ideas and information in your other

First journal article
The first journal article
states that how cloud computing is revolutionizing the IT industry to their
infrastructure and thus, this will have a huge impact in the industry and
commercially as well. This article states the general facts and advantages of
cloud computing. Cloud computing is an IT cloud, which is used to store,
managing data, rather than doing it from a single computer.

Second journal article.
The second journal article also
states about the facts about the emerging technology, which is, obviously
Cloud computing, except this article is focusing more on the government that
how they are investing on this as well to ease up things and to get rid of
all that hectic work and continue to work on this technology.

Third journal article
In this journal article, we
will be talking about how the new students can really get along with in this
base, since the competition is already so high; much prestigious company’s
hiring rate goes down as well just because the graduates are not much
skilled. Therefore, in this article it states what problems could occur and
how they can overcome it with their full potential.

Fourth journal article
This journal article states as
same as the third article that how they can pass all those obstacles without
implications and this will also assist them to get through other fields and jobs
as well. This way they would have many opportunities ahead of themselves and
get into any, they are keen to apply on.

Fifth journal article
This fifth journal gives
recommendations to enhance their potential and their ability so they can get along
with the emergence of technology, for instance, the university should also
lend a hand and should be aware of this emergence of technologies so by this
way they can give them better information to proceed better in every


K. K. ·.
J. L. ·. Y.-H. L. ·, “Impacts of Cloud Computing, Implications of
Cloud Computing,” A Survey of Computation Offloading for Mobile
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R. S.-A.
J. R. G.-G. J. Ignacio Criado, “Government Innovation,” Government
Information Quaterly, no. 20, p. 369-392, vol. 16, 2014.


Report Planning
Document Template



Plan the
structure of your report

Preliminary Matter – At the planning stage, it is important to
consider the executive summary.
Yes, it is,
because of executive summary it is where you get reader attention and where
the reader gets to know about basics and it builds up his interest in the
essay. Therefore, executive summary is mandatory.

Report text – What background information will you use? What
important findings have you discovered in your research, which will be
discussed in the report body? What conclusions have you drawn about the

and Background
and Discussion
of Cloud Computing Systems
of Cloud Computing
of Cloud Computing

End Matter – What information will be included in the appendix
and glossary?
Appendix shall
show that how cloud computing emerged throughout the years and is still on
its high growing rate, whereas Glossary shall show an alphabetical order list
of few complex words with brief meaning and explanation.