COLLABORATIVE secondary school to the present (ex.

COLLABORATIVE NURSING SUPPLEMENTARY FORMThis form is to be completed by all applicants who are not currently enrolled in a full-time high school program, OR AT THE REQUEST OF THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE OF ANY SITE.Please complete all sections, print clearly, sign, date and submit this form to the college site to which you applied. If you have applied to both Centennial and George Brown College you must submit a copy to each site.Centennial College George Brown CollegeEnrolment Services Registrar’s Office, Admissions Admission Office 160 Kendal Ave, C317PO Box 631, Station A Toronto, ON Toronto, ON M5R 1M3M1K 5E3Personal/Confidential Information: If you are submitting highly personal or confidential information please submit this under separate cover.A) SECTION 1 – PERSONAL INFORMATIONLEGAL SURNAME LEGAL FIRST NAMEAREA CODE HOME NUMBER( ) AREA CODE BUSINESS NUMBER EXTENSION( ) | AREA CODE CELL PHONE( ) AREA CODE FAX NUMBER( )DATE OF BIRTH MM / DD / YYYY E-MAIL ADDRESSB) SECTION 2 – PROGRAM INFORMATIONOCAS NUMBER GEORGE BROWN ID NUMBER CENTENNIAL ID NUMBERC) SECTION 3 – ACADEMIC HISTORY Please list all secondary schools attended or currently enrolled in.YEAR TO YEAR GRADE(S) SECONDARY INSTITUTION ADDRESS OF SCHOOL (CITY, COUNTRY) DIPLOMA AWARDEDYR TO YR YR TO YR YR TO YR Please list all post secondary schools attended or currently enrolled in.YEAR TO YEAR POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTION PROGRAM YEAR/LEVELYR TO YR YR TO YR YR TO YR D) SECTION 4 – ACADEMIC UPDATEPlease list additional courses you are presently taking or plan to take. This section does not apply if you are in an education system outside of North America where your regular school year and/or your examination results are not available until after June 30 (e.g. A levels or CAPE).NAME OF COURSE, LEVEL & COURSE CODE TYPE (SUMMER, NIGHT, ETC.) LOCATION START AND COMPLETION DATES1) 2) 3) 4) 5) E) SECTION 5 – NON-ACADEMIC HISTORY Please list all activities from year to year from the beginning of secondary school to the present (ex. employment, volunteer work, travel, at home, etc.)YEAR TO YEAR ACTIVITY EMPLOYER (IF APPLICABLE)YR TO YR YR TO YR YR TO YR YR TO YR    F) SECTION 6 – REASONS FOR YOUR CHOICE(S)Outline the reasons you have decided to apply to the program or programs listed in section B, as well as details and factors relevant to the review of your application. If you are seeking readmission/reinstatement, you may provide a supporting statement in this section outlining how you plan to achieve academic success upon re- entering the program. You may attach an additional page if necessary.G) SECTION 7 – DECLARATIONMy signature below indicates that all responses are true and accurate and have been prepared entirely by me. No relevant information, academic or otherwise, has been withheld; otherwise, my admission may be revoked and/ or permanently withdrawn from the Collaborative Nursing Degree program – Centennial and/or George Brown College.