Consumers such customer referrals and by seeing true,


do not always value their products according to their own objective properties
but form their preferences depending on the subjective perception of product
characteristics. Especially
when the product is an innovative and will restructure the old state of
performing processes. This will be and the biggest opsticle standing on our
company’s way in order to penetrate the marketing.

Since farmers in Bulgaria are still
not educated enough in the fields of innovations in the agriculture and the
idea of smart farming, we are going to introduce our product on multiple fairs
not only in Bulgaria. For example by introducing AgroDron on the International
Fair in Plovdiv, which is one of the biggest fairs for agriculture on the
Balkans, we are going to be put in the spotlight not only to Bulgarian farmers,
but to farmers from the whole Balkan region.

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Agricultural fairs, in our
opinion, are the best suitable way for penetrating the market since we are
going to be able to present not only the characteristics of our product, but we
this would make it possible for our customers to place hand on the product, see
from first hand how it works and make “test drive” of the drone. Moreover, by
having a boot in such fairs is going to help us with the educating process of
how easy is to operate with AgroDron and all this to a minimum costs for our

Another way of promoting our
product is going to be through various advertisements in agricultural magazines
such as Agro Compass, Praktichno
Zemedelie and Agronom and in blogs and online sites such as

Another way of promoting and in
the same time educating our customers of the benefits of AgroDrone is going to
be through vlogs and success stories of our “early birds” or with other words
our first customers. By getting such customer referrals and by seeing true,
legit peer farmers that know their land using our drones will trigger more
interest in our targeted group than marketing or sales people that doesn’t have
dirt from the soil on their hands.

Flipping over crops, the drones
may look like toy planes or weird, big beetles to the farmers at first. This is
why, another channel that we are going to use in order to penetrate the market
is by presenting AgroDrone to the Farmers Association in Bulgaria. They could
help us by legitimizing our product in front of the farmers in Bulgaria and
further educate them of the benefits that they can obtain by using our product.

Finally, we are going to contact
local affiliates and trustworthy and respected distributors of soils and fertilizers
and introduce to them bonus scheme for promoting our product.