Contained but I believe its better to

Contained in this portfolio is a collection of my writing assignments, which show my progress as a writer throughout the course of this semester. Reflecting on this class, I have noticed an improvement in my writing and writing style. From the start of this semester I have gone from being someone who wasn’t sure about his work to someone who is more confident. The aim of this portfolio is to show off the progress I have made as a writer.

During the start of the semester there was a lot I had to learn and incorporate into my writing, I had to learn to revise my work to better find errors, prewrite and make rough drafts just to name a few. Although I do admit having to use these new writing tools I have learned does make it take a longer time to finish, but I believe its better to take a whole day to write a good paper than one hour and write a mediocre paper. It is far from being simple for me to write a good paper I think my writing in its entirety has gotten a lot stronger though there is still room for much improvement.

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I also learned through this course that I tend to overthink my work and as such I make unnecessary alteration that end up hurting rather than helping my paper. I have learned that if I don’t over analysis my writing it become a lot simpler for me. This portfolios purpose is not merely to show the progress in my writing, but also to show what I have discovered about myself as a writer. The first paper I wrote acted as a bench mark or an introduction if you will to the world of college writing.  My goal was not to use any of the old habits I had picked up previously and instead make use of the new tool that where made available.

I also learned from this course, the importance of prewriting, revising and making rough drafts during my essay writing process. Prior to this, I did not fully understand the benefits of making an outline and following it. Making sure everything I wrote was cohesive and flowed well and more importantly was easy to understand by the reader.

in conclusion, I have had quite the positive experience taking this class. This class has been integral to my understanding of various aspects of the writing process. I feel more confident writing now than I did when I first started. I feel like I can better convey my ideas to my readers in a more effective manner. I will be far stronger in my future writing projects due to the tools and skill I have learned after taking this class. I am a lot more confident in any other college writing classes I might take following this.