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Basketball’s International Sports Federation

the world there are multiple sports that one may choose to participate in
ranging from aquatics all the way to wrestling. With all these sports out
there, the International Federations are in charge of governing these games and
they focus of five main sections to do so. These five parts of the
International Sport Federation are the history, marketing of the sport,
globalization of the sport, the Olympic movement and the career opportunities
that the sport provides. Basketball fills up each category with an impressive
resume in the international world.

            The name for basketball’s federation is the National
Basketball Association or better known as the NBA. The sports itself was
created in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. The game
was mainly played for fun with a couple of league games being played
infrequently but it wasn’t until June 6, 1946 where the NBA was founded. Today
the NBA is widely spread and there are a good amount of rules to be aware of
before anyone can randomly jump in and play. Some of the basics of basketball
include calls like fouling, traveling, carrying, double dribbling, jump ball,
goaltending, a backcourt violation, and the 24 second shot clock that you get
in each offensive possession to attempt to score, the eight seconds you get to
cross the midcourt line and lastly the three seconds you get to stay in the
paint area. These are the basics for anyone who would decide to learn the
sport, as one progresses and gets to the next level there are more advanced
rules. The best known commissioner for the NBA was David Stern since he was in
charge for 30 years before stepping down. Ever since he resigned as the head of
the league, the new commissioner, Adam Silver, has been in power for 3 years
now after taking the job in 2014. There are more federations throughout the
world, the NBA is the biggest and well known league out of the hundreds that
are established. Everyone that plays basketball has the same dream of one day
making it into the National Basketball Association.

            With basketball being the fastest growing sport on every
scale, it is the second most popular sport right behind soccer. Consuming over
a billion fans internationally, the sport is widely spread throughout the
world. Basketball is most commonly played in the United States and the
Philippines is second, these are basketballs top hotbeds. The sport has also
had a huge influence on European countries as some of the NBA’s Hall of Famers
are from foreign countries, mainly originating from Europe. All continents
except for Antarctica participate and play basketball with a great passion and
even participate in the Olympics. Some of the countries that take part in the
Olympics are the United States, Australia, France, Serbia, Venezuela, China,
Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Argentina, Brazil and Nigeria. The globalization of
basketball has taken the world by storm and virtually spread to every corner of
it. The spread of basketball also has its positives to the NBA and its
marketing skills.

            Basketball is marketed in many different ways but the
most effective way of advertising is through television commercials and social
media. In today’s world, a big part of earth’s population is glued to some sort
of electronic device therefore the marketing is seen by a lot of people. As for
the people that are not reached through the electronic advertisements,
basketball is also advertised in magazines, billboards, newspapers, and radios.
Usually the people that market basketball and their products are the top
athletes of the NBA. For example the most commonly used players used are: Kobe
Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. Companies
also compliment the athletes in marketing basketball, these are the big named
brand companies such as Nike, Jordan, and Under Armour. The players used are a
form of strategy because a lot of people look up to them, so if they see their
favorite players wearing something or doing something, they will try to be just
like them and that leads to products being sold and more views for the NBA. Another
way of luring people in is by using the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland
Cavaliers, the two teams that have made it to the finals for the past three
consecutive years. The Warriors have changed the game with their three point
shooting and have become an exciting team to watch and the Cavaliers have one
of the greatest players since Kobe. The whole marketing process for Basketball
is ran through the big named players and top brands. Marketing also takes a
leap forward with the Olympic movement and its products. 

            The Olympic movement has left its mark on basketball with
the adaptation of others style of play. Today the game is a mix with players
from everywhere and different moves are integrated into the sport as well. The
NBA is now a melting pot with players from all over the seven seas, the styles
of these players has been merged into the way basketball is played today. Moves
such as the euro step was taken from players in Europe and now a stretch big is
normal thing in basketball. Stretch bigs are players who play the power forward
and center spot that can bring their game past the three point line and be efficient
from there. Before these specimen of players existed, there were just
traditional big men that where tall, strong and played their game from no higher
than the free throw line. Overall because of the Olympic movement, basketball
has significantly benefitted from it and has changed the game forever and will
continue to impact the way the game is played.

            Basketball has influenced many people’s lives and will
carry on to do so for a very long time. Not everyone is capable of going far
with basketball as far as playing it, and for those people that wish to
continue to have basketball in their lives there are plenty of career
opportunities that they may pursue. Jobs in the basketball field can vary in
how close to the playing feeling one can get. For anyone that wants to be as
close to that sensation as possible they might want to become a coach,
broadcaster, statistician, or even a referee as they are pretty close to the
court. Other professions include being an athletic trainer, an agent, manager,
or even a graphic designer, these occupations are a little farther from the on
court emotion but still directly deal with the sport and have an important
meaning towards the game and its players. These careers are available worldwide
and are perfect for anyone who wishes to remain in the sports industry.

            The NBA goes through the five sections of the
International Sport Federation with ease as it checks all the segments off.
Adam Silver is doing a great job governing the National Basketball Association
and being able to handle all the changes being made to the league. Today the
United States is a powerhouse when talking about basketball however, the
globalization of the sport is spreading like a wild fire and all types of new
talents are being made and other leagues. Countries are getting competitive and
are getting closer and closer to the United States level of play. Due to the
popularity of the sport and the marketing, people are starting to practice on
their games so hard in order to try and become a mixture of all the top players
in the NBA such as, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, LeBron James and many more
athletes. As for the people who can’t become these amazing players, a career
with basketball still lies ahead.