Every country is being
run by different political systems, whether it is honorable such as democratic,
or under corrupt dictatorship. Our opinion, we characterize Russia’s political
system as a complex democracy. In the country of Russia, there are elections
where citizens have the right to vote for their political leader, which is
Valdamir Putin, presently. Although Russia is democratic, their political
system display signs of corruption and have made unjustified and unethical

Russia has a history of
trying to appear powerful by bullying other countries such as Ukraine, and also
ruined their reputation to the European Union, North America, and also their
own citizens. Russia has been rated as “Not Free” in a “Freedom Scale” by
Freedom House in 2004, which adds to the question of Russia’s corrupt political
system. This is why we have characterized Russia as a “complex democracy”, in
words, Russia is a democracy, however, their displays of corruption makes their
political system debatable and complex.

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