Exoskeletons the U.S. military has started research on

are a rigid outer structure that provides the configuration, construction and protection of a creature’s soft internal
organs. Scientists have carried out a broader expansion in this area. The
exoskeletons such as the wearable robotics are designed and built to amplify
the human strength and agility. They help a person to lift or carry heavier
loads, run faster and jump higher. Their purpose is to replace diminished or
lost limb functionality and help people to regain some ambulatory freedom.

            The traditional car companies, while
relying on the use of robotic arms to reduce the manual operation, they also
develop the exoskeleton support equipment for workers. The Germany’s BMW Company
has already partnered with the University of Munich to develop a customized 3D
printed glove to employees that will help thumbs to repeat production. The
exoskeleton structures have been used in the medical
field also. In the year 1997,
Japan’s Cyberdyne Corporation had applied a leg support structure to hospitals
in Japan to help those wounded patients recover. This exoskeleton known as HAL
(Hybrid Assistive Limb) was also used in reconstruction and relief efforts
after the year 200 tsunami in Fukushima. The entire radiation protection suit
weighs 60kg and exoskeleton support help to support the human in wearing it.

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In the case of militarily, the exoskeleton will help
the warrior to fight better because he can get better protection, carry more
weapons and gear, and have more physical fitness than normal people. Since the year 2000, the U.S. military has started
research on the Human Energy Exoskeleton (EHPA) project and plans to develop a
machine skeleton to enhance human capabilities in military operations. Its plans
to begin sample testing in the year 2005.
Future soldiers wearing exoskeleton robots will become a super soldier with
unlimited power to carry more weapons and equipment, increase the firepower and
increase the protection, in the same time, overcomes any barrier, and in a
fast, fatigue-free sense.

However, the use of the exoskeleton has raised a
number of ethical issues and social concerns. The exoskeleton itself can
produce greater destructive power. If the people using the exoskeleton to carry
out some criminal activities, that will be a serious case and will give impact
to the society. In the military, this could cause further warfare. In order to
avoid all these situations happen, the
laws regarding the use of exoskeleton need to be
enforced to avoid the illegal abuse of the exoskeleton.

Moreover, the development of the exoskeleton will
replace the manual operation of industries, for example in carrying the heavier
loads which require few people but with the presence of exoskeleton, one person
will be enough. This will then cause the unemployment rate to increase. To
decrease the unemployment rate, the people need to enhance their skill and
knowledge. The government needs to have
some policies to decrease the unemployment rate.

In conclusion, the exoskeleton has pros and cons.
People need to use the exoskeleton in a proper way as it can bring many
benefits to the human and society.