Experiment After performing experiment closed the entire electric

                           Experiment no = 1


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 Introduction to mechanical technology lab and


technology lab is for the practical uses of different quantities such as
temperature and pressure. In this lab we also know about internal behaviour of
combustion engine. It also shows us the lubricating system, breaking system and
transmission system of automobile. In this lab we will learn about cooling and
refrigeration system.


Machine are
layout in such a way that they are easy to operate by student or operator. New
machine are bought by university in order to provide better method to young
future engineers.


Safety rule
is important for any lab. The following safety rule should be followed by
students during performing experiment.

1-    Read instruction/listen instruction
before performing experiment.

2-    Wear apron.

3-    Wear gloves to protect your hands.

4-    Wear goggles to protect your eyes.

5-    Don’t eat and drink in the lab.

6-    Notify your instructor in case of any

7-    After performing experiment closed
the entire electric machine.

8-    After handing  chemical/material wash your hand with soap o

9-    During experiment keep your hand away
from your face.



Before power
any equipment makes sure the power supply is (1p/3p).

Do not put
anything into electrical cord.

Unplug all
the equipment after experiment.


we know
about the mechanical system and machine layout.

















                     Experiment no = 2


Study of
different pressure gauges


In this experiment we will measure differnent pressure gauges
and its working.

Pressure gauges

It is a
tool/instrument which is used to measure pressure.


The function
or to study /to learn pressure gauge.

To know
about working principle of manometer.

To know
about working principle of burden tube pressure gauge.

Types of

1-    Manometer

2-    Piezometer

3-    Burden tube pressure gauge

4-    Submaximal gauge

5-    Test gauge

6-    Digital gauge




principal of manometer

A manometer
is a measuring device for pressure measurement.          

A manometer
is U-type shape which one end is closed while the other end is open. When we
apply pressure on the open side the fluid inside the tube move to the closed
side until a point come where the fluid stop. The end point and the empty space
from the open side is the applied pressure or the distance b/w the open side to
the last point of the fluid is the actual applied pressure.

principle of burden tube pressure gauge

It is a
pressure measuring device invented by Eugene Burdon in 1849.

It can measure
up to 100000psi. it is a tube with scale. When we apply pressure on its
adjustable link a gear inside the tube start motion. The point where it stops
is applied pressure. We measure it through scale which is with the burden tube.
In this way we measure the applied pressure by burden tube pressure gauge.


Come to know
about pressure gauge.

Come to know
about how manometer and burden tube pressure gauge work.  




Experiment no = 03

Demonstration of main components of internal combustion


Internal combustion engine is a device that generates work
and used the products of combustion as a working fluid.


The objective of this experiment is to identify the (IC)
engine and its parts.

Main parts

1-    Water pump

2-    Piston

3-    Carborator

4-     Cylinder head

5-    Cylinder

6-    Crank shaft


Water pump

Water pump is used for cooling of engine and removal of heat.
Cool water has outlet that feed the heated water to the top of the radiator,
water circulation is done by rotatory pump.

Figure 1- water pump


The moving part attached with cylinder which is tight by
piston ring.

Figure 2- piston


It is an instrument that is used to blend fuels and air in
internal combustion engine. It work on the principle of Bernoulli’s equation.

Figure 3-

Cylinder head

It is also called head. It close the top of the from
combustion chamber.it also provide the space for the passages that feeds the
fuels and air to the cylinder and provide path to escape.

Figure 4- cylinder

Cylinder block

A metal moulding that contain the cylinder of the (IC)

Figure 5- cylinder



It is a part of internal combustion engine that is used for
changing the up and down motion of the piston to rotatory motion. It is usually
called crank.

Figure 6-  crank shaft.




To know briefly about the internal combustion engine and its





                           Lab no= 4


to transmission system of an automobile


This system
is used to transmit power from engine to the wheel of a car.


of transmission system

The main
function of this system is to provide power to a car for driving.

This system
also provide mean of moving a car to move at various angle.

In simple
this system is mean of moving a vehicle.

 of transmission system

The power is
transmitted to trough clutch, gear box, shaft, and differential and at last to
wheel. These processes are done through proper method and follow a proper

Types of
transmission system

1-   Manual transmission system

The transmission system in which clutch are used.

2-  Automatic transmission system

The transmission system in which clutch is not used.






between automatic and manual transmission system





Requires less skill.

Required more skills.

Clutch is not used.

Clutch is used.

Driver need to operate just
accelerator, break and steering.

Driver need to operate clutch.

More efficient

Less efficient








After this
experiment we are able to know how transmission system of automobile operates.