Fear long time. Fear can affect many parts

Fear is a feeling that every person faces in their lifetime. Fear can affect many people in different ways. The feeling of fear can come to someone easily but can stays with someone for a long time. Fear can affect many parts of the body, but one main area fear can be is within the mind as that’s where it all starts. The way fear affects the mind mentally, it can also affect the body physically. This essay will discuss how people fear what they do not know. The feeling of fear can commonly affects one’s mental, emotional, and physical state. This topic will explore the different ways fear can affect a person mentally, such as the through digestive system; this is where a person would not feel hungry, Impact of Fear by Sue Towey. Over the years, emotional fear has been studied through different experiments, The Primitive, Complicated, Essential Emotion Called Fear by Carl Zimmer. Physical fear can affect our bodies in different ways, through sweating or racing heartbeat, What Are the  Physical Side Effects of Fear by Erin Monahan.Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism that signals our bodies to respond to danger with a fight or flight response Impact of Fear by Sue Towey. This article states that fear can be turned on when the person is feeling threatened. It would also means that when the person is feeling threatened, the fear reacts in a way to where is needs to protect the body. In a way, fear can help people or it could be perceived as a disadvantage when this feeling is in our system. Mental fear can come as a surprise or when a person is not aware of what’s happening. One could think there is a positive part of having fear, where the muscles in the body become stronger and the heart rate becomes faster to the point where the person can run faster. As discussed there is many different ways that fear can affect the mind.Another example of fear is emotional fear. Emotional fear goes back to when the scientists used rats as experiments to help them with their research on understanding where emotional fear comes from – Carl Zimmer “The Primitive, Complicated, Essential Emotion Called Fear” science and the Curious Discover. A scientist named John Watson had done a famous experiment with a baby rat. He taught the rat how to be scared of arbitrary objects – Carl Zimmer “The Primitive, Complicated, Essential Emotion Called Fear” science and the Curious Discover. While he was doing his experiments he was trying to find out how he could make a rat be scared and at the end of his experiment he found a way to do it -Carl Zimmer “The Primitive, Complicated, Essential Emotion Called Fear” science and the Curious Discover. John Watson found out how a rat’s mind works and which was the purpose of his experiment. At the end of his experiment, the scientist took the rat out of the cage and the rat had began to cry. A person’s mind can work the same as a rat’s mind; when a person is alone cannot get and help, they begin to feel scared, and this will make them begin to cry. The feeling of fear will then force a person to think of ways of to survive. As talked about in this paragraph people and animals alike, have the same emotions of fear and happiness. The mind is not the only part of the body that can feel fear, physically the body can react to fear as well. The same way fear can trigger the mind, it can trigger the body in the same way. Our body is designed to react quickly to fear, by sending out powerful hormones and signals to various body systems to give the person the energy to run or the power to fight – Erin Monahan “What Are the Physical Side Effects of Fear” Livestrong.com. This article states that when the human body feels fear, the body turns into survival mode automatically. When the feeling of fear in human body, it can cause. When the fear is in the body, there are different things that can happen, such as the sweating and racing heartbeat. In most cases, a person’s body can feel weak when they they feel scared; this is common when fear is in their system. This article talks about the side effects of having fear in the human body. When fear is in our bodies, the positive thing is that the body thinks it will need to survive so it will make the body feel stronger and faster to escape the feeling of fear. This article talks about how fear can not only affect the mind, it affects everything else in the body as well. In conclusion, fear can affect many parts of the body, mentally, emotionally, and physically. The mind, its feelings, and the body is an everyday use to where it is an  important part of people’s lives. Mental fear affects the person within their mind, it causes people to not focus on what’s happening in the moment. Fear affects people emotionally, it can confuse feelings and make people feel either sad or happy. Fear can affect people physically, it can cause people lose control of their body to not be able to focus because they are overcome by fear.