Germans or do normal daily things without

Germans and Muslims have been
treated with little to no respect in the past and even still to this day. Both
have been through hard times that has cost them everything such as their jobs,
their life and have been discriminated. Muslims and Germans are similar in that
aspect. Also they experienced HUGE life changing experiences or they have felt
the backlash of it, such as 9/11 for Muslims, and World War I.  The impactful event on 9/11 was the most
tragic event. The Islam/ Arab population will continue to feel the backlash of
this event. Being stereotyped, discriminated and threatened. The Germans
underwent similar experiences. We did go to war with Germany in WW1, and ever since,
there was an underlying hatred from both sides. Americans treat Germans with no
respect because of World War I, as if it was the whole population’s fault. It’s
not acceptable to persecute people who came to America for a better life. Muslims
and Germans came/come to the United States willingly. During WW1 and 9/11, the
government always have a bad habit of stereotypes and swaying the public’s
opinion. When America was fighting in WW1, the government had encouraged the
citizens to be suspicious of the Germans. During 9/11, it often the American’s
being hostile towards one’s who were Muslim. During World War 1, Americans
treated German Americans disgustingly after world war I and this kind of
treatment can relate to the way that Islamic and Arab Americans were treated
after 9/11. People began to believe that America wasn’t the “home of the free”
considering that most (Muslims and German Americans) weren’t given their
freedoms. They couldn’t walk around or do normal daily things without an
American keeping a close eye on them and giving them looks or the side eye or
without someone saying something degrading. Sadly, this kind of treatment, once
again was equivalent to the way that Islamic and Arab Americans were treated
after 9/11. Because of the way they looked, and their beliefs, they were
considered to be terrorists. Americans didn’t give them respect, or even the
benefit of the doubt since they were prejudice and wanted no association with
them. During the war, Americans felt as if German Americans were still in debt
and owed them many things, not just money. Thus explaining why America didn’t
want any kind of allies, communications or relations with them.