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Go to any place in the city of Hue you can also meet the Hue cake. That may be the burden of the goods, probably in restaurants with large numbers of tourists both in the country and internationally. Hue cakes are not too picky about ingredients. Utilizing the endless seafood of Tam Giang – Cau Hai lagoon system combined with the most basic doughs such as rice flour, flour, glutinous rice, Hue people have created delicious dishes.1. DumplingsThis is a very popular snack in Hue and the most popular people in Hue. To make a cup of dough requires a lot of meticulous work, from the choice of rice to grind the flour and then pour the cake when the steamed to a small mold that is imbued with other ingredients such as dried shrimp paste, , Scallion…Hue people fill the cake full of milk or in small plates. When you enjoy, use thin spoon toast with special sauce made with pure fish sauce, sugar, chilli, garlic … You eat dough cake, you will feel the supple powder plus aromatic, fat and fragrant, and understand why buns are the favorite snack in Hue.2. Filter cakeThe most famous of Hue cakes are the filter cake, cake that all visitors must enjoy when they arrive in Hue. Cake is handmade when the dough is hand-made with water to soften, add, and then boil until the transparency is ripe.There are two kinds of sweet and savory cake. The salty shrimp is shrimp, the meat is cut into three chopped, sweet (vegetarian cake) is green beans fried. In addition, Hue filter cake (filter cake) is divided into two types of filter cake and filter cake. The hot filter cake is hot with dipping sauce, sweet, spicy sauce makes it difficult to stop the mouth.3. Cake boxThis is a type of cake made from rice flour spread on banana leaves, strips are layers of yellow bricks of pineapple mixed with minced shrimp and a little green onion. Cake is delicious, easy to eat and delicious when eaten with sweet fish sauce. Can be eaten with shrimp balls, buns with rice dumplings, filter cake is considered the trio typical elite cuisine Hue.4. Little cakesThe shrimp cake is made up of two separate parts, the little cake on the top and the bottom of the ram. This is the dish originated from ancient folk and then passed to the court of Hue. When eating less ramen, diners will feel the toughness of the shrimps wrapped in shrimps and crisp crisp, all create a completely different flavor and taste.5. CakeGoing to Hue without having a good meal will be a shortcoming for you. Hue people call this cake is “pleasure” to describe the delight when enjoying this special. The cake is made from rice flour mixed with chicken eggs, turmeric powder. The bread is made from raw spices, spring rolls, shrimp and sometimes spotted fish. Like the way of eating southern pancakes, buns served with vegetables include figs, banana, sliced tea. Especially, the soul that makes the taste of the cake is the broth, a kind of special sauce of Hue, which is the traditional recipes do not disclose to outsiders.