Green class. Yellow also represented death, Gatsby’s yellow

Green is one of the main colors that is symbolized throughout the novel. It is closely associated with Gatsby and the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. It is significant to all of Gatsby’s hope and dreams. Each time Gatsby reaches out to touch the light he can never touch it because it seems so far out of reach. That is representing his love for Daisy. For the times he’s gotten so close to being with Daisy, something always seems to find a way to ruin their relationship. The light is also so far out of reach because it is also another representation of Gatsby’s dream failing. The color white is closely associated with Daisy. White is a representation of dignity and beauty. Daisy wore white frequently, she wore a white dress when she met Gatsby for the first and she wore white when she went to go m White is a very elegant color it was part of the upper classes style. It can also imply that though they are rich, they are also careless and show no integrity and are irresponsible. That’s how Daisy is, she’s beautiful on the outside but has a cold selfish heart and shows no sympathy or emotion.  She showed no grief when Gatsby died. The color yellow is also associated with Gatsby, it symbolizes wealth and the upper class. Yellow also represented death, Gatsby’s yellow car is what ended Myrtle Wilson’s life. Daisy was driving Gatsby’s car through the Valley of Ashes when Myrtle came out onto the road thinking it was her husband George that was in the car with Gatsby as he was earlier. Daisy didn’t see Myrtle run out, she hit her and was instantly killed but Daisy had driven off and didn’t stop.The clock on Nick’s mantle has a secret meaning behind it. Nick had invited Daisy and Gatsby over to his house to have some tea. This would be the first time in five months that Gatsby would see Daisy. In the span of five years, Daisy had married Tom and have their only child. Gatsby was leaning against the mantle where the broken clock was talking to Daisy. The clock had fallen but Gatsby turned back in time to catch it. This symbolizes the time Gatsby lost with Daisy. And if he could turn the clock back five years he would. The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg is another important symbol in the novel. The fading pair of bespectacled eyes are painted on an old billboard in the Valley of Ashes. They represent God looking down watching everyone and seeing the American Dream fall apart. George Wilson is the only one that believes that the eyes are associated with God. The American Dream was an idea that anyone could achieve through hard work and happiness. When the novel was written in the 1920’s the idea of the American Dream was more about being wealthy and being in a high social class that would be the indicator that you were successful in your life. Over time the dream was corrupting because everyone’s main focus was being wealthy which would make them happier.The American Dream was a goal for everyone in the novel. They each had a mindset to achieve their goals and dream. In the end, everyone failed to achieve their dream which caused the American Dream to shatter. It didn’t matter if it was about wealth, love, or happiness. Gatsby started out with all the money and luxury anyone could want. But to him, that wasn’t good enough he had his mind set on going after Daisy and would tear his whole life apart for her. On the other hand, Daisy showed no affection towards Gatsby, she married Tom for his money. Their marriage was far from perfect they argued constantly and they both had affairs behind each other’s back. They each had everything they wanted in their American Dream but they show no value towards it. Each character had high expectations of their hopes and dreams, but in the end, their whole idea of the American Dream was in failure.