Harris by Lord Harris of Peckham.Every Harris Federation

Harris Federation is one of the largest educational federations within the UK. They currently have 44 Primary and Secondary academies open in and around London. The federation is a non-profit charity and is sponsored by Lord Harris of Peckham.Every Harris Federation has been rated good or outstanding by Ofsted which demonstrates their academic success across the whole federation. Harris Federation have built a successful reputation on transforming failing state schools into successful educational establishments. The federation also have their own internal professional development programme called ‘The Harris Federation Teaching School Alliance’. This programme covers teaching initial training programmes run under the school direct structure and professional development programmes. Two Harris Academies were awarded Teaching School status by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. As Harris are responsible for a lot of their own staff development, they show how multi-academy trusts now have much more power and control over how they run their education facilities. They also have more freedom when designing their curriculum and also when setting teachers pay. This can be seen as both a negative and a positive aspect of multi-academy trusts.The success of Harris Federation demonstrates a shift in educational policies in the UK.  The 2010 Academies Act allows for any publicly funded school to become an academy. This act makes the process of becoming an academy easier for the school.The Academies Act was met with mixed reactions. Some people argue that academies are more beneficial for failing schools and provide students with more opportunity. Academies have the freedom to design their own curriculum and, they can hire staff and give them unqualified teaching status UTS. The Academies Act and the growth of Harris Federation demonstrates how multi-academy trusts are growing at a fast rate. What will the future hold for the UK education system? More specifically, how will Harris Federation continue to grow across the UK?