Having start at the early age and

Having responses from 89 students we can conclude that
the majority of the participants voted in favor of simultaneous bilingualism
rather than sequential bilingualism. Respondents were in support of the fact
that bilingualism should start at the early age and the benefit of the process
is that the individual who starts learning two languages at the initial age
becomes proficient in both languages otherwise it will difficult for him to
become proficient in L2 in later stages of his life. About 78% of the
respondents answered that L2 learning process requires more effort if it is
started after critical period. The responses of the students reflect that they
consider English language as a good medium for getting education. Respondents
were in the favor that a student should learn more than one language in early
education especially English because it is an international language and it
gives more career opportunities to a person. The respondents also gave some
statements in support of simultaneous bilingualism, one said that multilingual
always dominate monolinguals.

Moreover, when question about proficiency of the
mother language was posed about 63% of the respondents answered that a kid
should learn L1 and L2 simultaneously, proficiency in mother language has
nothing to do with acquisition of L2. The respondents were in the favor that a
kid can learn two languages at a time and also become expert in both languages
simultaneously. About 88 percent respondents said that an individual can become
well-versed in both languages at a time. Moreover, people also think that
learning L2 can’t cause impediment in both language qualities and about 70%
respondents supported this. Infact, majority of the people were in the favor
that there should be simultaneous bilingualism and English should be the medium
of education instead of mother language. Another fact behind the research was
that more than 75% of the respondents were from public school background, who
got quality education and supported English medium policy.

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We also asked the respondents for their remarks
regarding the topic and many of them gave good remarks but two of them are
quoted below.


If a child is made to learn multiple languages from the very start, it
increases his capacity to survive in different cultures. Bilinguals do not
necessarily have more intellectual ability than monolinguals but the ability to
converse that is a tool for his social life.

When the question about the time period of learning
the secondary language was asked about 54% respondents were in the favor that
bilingualism should start from pre-school age showing that majority of people
believes that the acquisition of L2 should start before the ending of the
critical period. 35% answered that bilingualism should start at primary school
level showing that first a kid should become proficient in mother language than
he should acquire secondary language. Only 11% were in the support that
bilingualism should start at secondary level.