Hello, a early childhood educator and be

Hello, this is JANUKA,I was born and grew
up in the different society with different cultural, religious and geographical
diversity, and came to Canada in 2009. Recently, I am working at the first year
learning centre. I am a passionate girl who loves to be with children and I
value happiness, dedication, integrity and making some differences in life. My journey
to be a early childhood educator and be with children started from my home.
Everyday, the unconditional love and the sacrifices of my parents to us influenced
me a lot.

When I was young, I always wanted to be
happy, so with that same thought, I made the decision to be in this field and keeping
this value in my mind, my top priority is to make decision in the best interest
of the children. I believe every child is different and we all should know
about their growth and the development. Therefore, we need patience and
persistence to stick with the change in the child for their physical, mental
and social well-being. Learning is a continuous process and each child has own
pace. Hence, more time and opportunity should be provided with a good learning
environment which will aide children to grow and prosper. Children should be
encouraged but they should also be taught to respect their parents, elders and
teachers. in addition, one should be able to adapt the change in behaviour of
children, everything should be presented with affection and enable all to reach
their full potential. I believe they are they are the clay and
instructor/teacher are potters who give definite shape to the clay. So, we are
the first brick for the base of their life.

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Being from the different society, I came
through different people, society, culture, religion, environment etc which is
helping me to teach children on how to assimilate on different circumstances. On
the other hand, I am also learning something from them and I am happy for what I
am doing everyday. These all motivates me everyday. Similarly, when I was
young, I used to share everything I have with other friends. Giving my things
to them makes them happy, so if I can share things in my childhood, there is no
reason why I cant share my love to children at this moment. Also, I am inspired
from my parents, who always help me to understand what life is all about and
find little ray of happiness in all difficult situation