Hello of measurement of length or Big Distance.

Hello Folks,Today Here We are learn about or read about the planet MERCURY. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and our solar system is situated in the MILKY WAY Galaxy.Surface Of  MercuryNow We describe all important point about the MERCURY PLANET and they are given below-Lets start,Question- Which is the closest planet to the sun and What is the distance between the sun and mercury ?Answer- As We know that in our solar system their are nine planet and mercury is the closest planet to the sun and folks You know that the distance between mercury and the sun is Minimum 36 million kilometers and Maximum distance from the sun is 85 million kilometers during its orbit.Question- In which unit we measure the distance between planet and distance between galaxy ?Answer- The distance between planet and the galaxy which situated in cosmos are measured in ASTRONOMICAL unit which shortly represent by AU. Full form of AU is Astronomical Unit,”One AU (Astronomical Unit) distance between the sun and earth.”Question-  What is AU ?Answer- AU is the unit of measurement of length or Big Distance. One AU (Astronomical Unit) is equal to 150 million kilometers which is also distance between the earth and sun.More About MercuryQuestion- How much mercury orbit take time to round the sun ?Answer- As we know mercury is the closest planet to the sun the and it is take 88 days to complete on cycle round the sun and earth take 365 days and pluto takes 288 years.Question- What is the speed of Mercury around the sun or during a cycle around the sun ?Answer-  During the cycle of around the sun, mercury total travel or cover the 36 million miles or we can say that it is cover 58 million kilometers and it moves at a constant speed 48 kilometers in a 1 Second, or 107372 miles in one hour.Facts About MercuryQuestion- How much time mercury take to complete one revolution on their own axis ?Answer- Like earth and other planet mercury is slower to the earth to complete one revolution on own axis. Mercury takes 59 days to complete one revolution.Question- Mercury how much time take to one day to night ?Answer-  Mercury take 59 days to complete the turn from day to night.Question- What is Average temperature at Mercury Planet ?Answer- During day mercury has 400 Degree Celsius or 750 degree Fahrenheit and during night it comes to -200 degree Celsius or -328 degree Fahrenheit.Question- Is Mercury has Atmosphere ?Answer- No, Mercury is not has Atmosphere to protect from the sun’s heat ray.Question- What is the distance between mercury and earth ?Answer- The distance between mercury and earth is 92 million kilometers or 52 million miles or 0.61 AU (Astronomical Unit).Question- What is the diameter of the mercury planet ?Answer- Mercury is not one of the smallest planet but it is small planet and its diameter is 3100 miles or 4990 kilometer. compare to the earth its diameter is less then half diameter of earth. Earth diameter is 7926 miles or 12,760 kilometers.Question- Mercury has any MOON ?Answer- No, Mercury has NO MOON.Question- How many planets we can see that without use of telescope ?Answer- Mercury is the one of the planets which we see without the use of telescope and other four planets are VENUS, MARS, JUPITER and SATURN. Mercury is not very easy to see, but it can be seen low in the west just after sunset or in the east just before dawn.Some Interesting Facts about the mercury. They are given below-Folks,Approximately after every 11 to 16 years mercury can seen crossing the sun and it look like a tiny and small dot on the sun surface but you should never try to see this event without the using eyes filter or protection. The surface of mercury is very dry due to its closeness of sun.NASA’s MESSENGERNASA takes its 1st photographs when ths Mariner 10 spacecraft passed close to the planet in 1974. The latest mission of NASA to the MERCURY is called MESSENGER in MARCH 2011 and now Messenger is moving around the sun with mercury and it is artificial moon of mercury.Short Details About Mercury With ImageFacts Of  MercurySo, Folks I hope you enjoyed this article about the planet mercury and may be its create your interest for further reading keep in touch.Stay Bless and Keep Smiling. :)From NASAsolarsystem- A video of Mercury’s messenger