Here’s graduate on time They give us

Here’s an analysis 
My thoughts 
And not only mine 
But the thoughts of people like me
People without a voice

Welcome to high school
A place where students 
Come to be
And judged
5 days out of their week

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Let’s start This wonderful analysis with dress code
Dress code enforces the idea
“That boys will be boys”
female students are sent home
Because their shorts are too short 

Our bra straps are showing
Oh god!
God forbid that anyone ever know that I a teenage girl wear a bra
The horror!

I have figured out that girls mature faster than boys
Because apparently boys can’t handle
Seeing a knee or a shoulder
And I’m not trying to just harp on you boys
Because believe me 
I know some girls who can’t control themselves either

But you girls are taught 
Without a word being said to us
That we are sexual used for our growing bodies 
And we have to mature faster 
Or we will caught
Trapped even

And dress code teaches
Our male peers and sometimes even teachers
That a girls education is less important 
And the we are a distraction 

But whatever
Next topic

We have learned that passing a class it the most important thing
And if we fail we won’t graduate on time
They give us this state of mind 
And then get mad when people cheat
“I guess your grades are more important to you than you morals”
They ask
And the obvious answer is yes
Because after all that is what they have been teaching us since middle school
That our grades are more important than our physical or mental health 
I you ask a teacher what the most important thing is 
They will say your grades

I have been told my entire life
To live life to the fullest
But how can I do that when I’m stuck in here even when I’m not here?
Being young Should mean
staying out late 
Hanging with your crush
Going on adventures
And watching Netflix until 4 am

But instead 
It means sitting at a seat for years 
Facing people you despise every single day
It means feeling worthless
And getting used to being tired
So used to it that if has become a part of you
It means feeling pressured and trapped 
Like there is no way out
And feeling alone

And I know school is important
I don’t doubt that
I mean We learn reading, writing, science, history, and math
But they teach it to us it again
And again
And again
After year
After year
Except for some reason they make it harder as we go on

But maybe we should have classes on useful things
Classes on racism, actual sex Ed, and things that will be useful for us when we leave here
Teach us the good and the bad
The ins and the outs
 But Instead 
We get PE 
And the classes repeated every year 
With just a little be more information

High school is not easy
And it’s not simple
Students self harm 
There are so many people that have meltdowns everyday
I’m one of those people 
We get enveloped by so much stress
And We cry ourselves to sleep
So don’t tell me high school is easy
Don’t try to tell me it’s not messed up
Because it is
It’s so screwed up that you can’t even see through the debris that’s left behind when it’s all over and we move on to the real world