Hilton to become a sustainable and green

     Hilton Hotel – Objectives in relating to sustainability Secondary dataAreas of concern My presentation will be based on issues relating to hilton hotel objectives to sustainability and secondary data to sustainability of tourism development i will also be looking at hiltons areas of concern Sustainable tourismPositive impact Everyone benefits Meaningful experience Responsible tourismLocal economy  and communities Protecting children Protecting animals What’s sustainable tourism is making positive impact when traveling around the world On the destination and the people When you travel sustainably everyone benefits Local people benefit- by economic development Tourist benefit by having a meaningful experienceResponsible tourism It’s about supporting local economic and communities Protecting children By saying no to orphanage tourism Not giving money to begging children Educating guest to Protecting animals  not to attend animal shows or any activities where animals are forced to Behave unnaturally also saying no to elephant rides  Hilton Recycling Hilton’s biggest goals are to become a sustainable and green hotel Hilton begun recycling program in 1994 by  recyclingPaper and cardboards since then hilton  recycling efforts have increased batteries , bulbs are all recycled Benefits recycling Improves the environment – less disposal to landfillhaving good reputation –  it shows customers that hilton cares about the EnvironmentReduced waste management costs,Donation Linen is donated to homeless shelters , animal shelters and churches also soaps are donated To the global soap project Advantages By giving back  to the community shows that hilton is sustainable and alsoimproved public image, Hilton rooftop chicago Hilton made a variety of sustainable efforts in their kitchen as well They try and source as much as the food Hilton hotel in chicago Have the largest Have rooftop garden in the city of chicago the garden have 86 planters Such as tomatoes ,  peppers cucumbers all the herbs that are used in the kitchen comes from the garden at Advantages by  having a rooftop garden – reduces  air pollution – good for the environment Green rooftops reduce energy cost by absorbing heat this means that the hotel  will have low energy usage Hilton hotel helping those affected in hurricane Hilton worldwide response fund for hurricane odom on september 14 2014 Hurricane odom made a landfall los cabos in mexico as category 3 storm More than 200 hilton team members hilton los cabos resort lost everything including their homes the hilton franchise supported their los cabos team Help rebuild their homes and communities through the hilton respond fund together Provided 500 thousand for financial support this shows that they care about their employers wellbeing As the company grows it creates a lot of jobs nearly 20,000 hotel jobs Hilton ranked top 50 companies for diversity by diversityinc Hilton won many awards including one of the world’s 25 best multinational workplaces by great place to  work This shows Hilton hotel team need to be trained to be more sustainable To turn off lights  in unoccupied rooms also Turn the heating down and the air conditioning  rooms that are not in use Hilton should start using low flow shower heads Out of all the Marriott hotel location, 58 % of them use low flow shower heads Overall Hilton hotel is doing there best to be sustainable hotel By giving back to the community and looking after the environment every business need to take part to be more sustainable because climate change is a great threat Also hilton can continue sustainability by donating food to various shelters instead of just being wasteful