Honorable largest fish producer which is worth

Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members
of the United Nations, the
delegate of Cambodia strongly argues that he agrees to the Agenda on measures
to resolve slavery and labor abuse in the fishing sector in Southeast Asia. The
ten ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries are estimated to
account for 20% of global fish production. Thailand is one of those countries
which is the world’s 3rd largest fish producer which is worth up to $7
billion annually. However, there are dark sides of Thailand’s fishing industry.
For example, crimes like murder, slavery, labor abuse, human trafficking etc.
These crimes are not such problems that we can disregard.

 Thousands of migrants, with the majority being
from Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), and Laos, emigrate to Thailand every year. Many
of them are smuggled across the border by labor brokers with the promise of a
safe and stable job in Thailand. However, instead of getting a job, they are
sold to Thai boat captains for about 250$ to $450. Then, these migrants are
taken to a fishing boat. Between them, some of the girls are sent to seafood
processing factories and some are even sent to brothels. On fishing boats, the
migrants are forced to work over 20 hours a day with little or no pay. Also, a
variety of crimes occur, like murder, human trafficking to sexual exploitation.
59% of trafficked migrants have witnessed the murder of a fellow worker. And
over 20% of migrants have faced these crimes on Thai boats. Furthermore, human
trafficking is also a serious problem in Cambodia itself.

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 As measures to solve such crimes, Cambodia is
trying to eradicate human trafficking by introducing the law on suppression of
human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Cambodia also observed an Anti-Human
Trafficking Day in December 12. The delegate of Cambodia strongly suggests not
only Cambodia, but other countries such as Thailand, Myanmar should try and
introduce laws to regulate human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Crimes like human trafficking, labor abuse, murder,
and slavery occurring on Thai boats, are not such levels that can be passed
over. Cambodia and nearby countries should cooperate and try to suppress such