How 2011) Regular feedback session should be

would you lead this team of international employees and friends?

Answer 1: 
As a team leader, communication and interactions are very important for
carrying a good team. Team leader should have strong and positive relationship
among all the team members. For mutual understanding leader should arrange web
conferencing so that all the employees should be able to know the strength and
the weaknesses of the fellow partners. Appreciation and rewards will be given
to them for their good acts and achievements for the business. To improve their
performance in business training should be provided to them. Team leader must
motivate the team members for better results. (Shriberg A & Shriberg D,

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For better quality of work, there has to be peer
review for the work done by the team and should be reviewed frequently. This
helps in performance of the team and gets the best results. (Shriberg A &
Shriberg D, 2011) Regular feedback session should be implemented so that every
team members should know where they are less efficient. This will help to build
the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.


Is building ” Community” important in a virtual world? If so, what would you do
to promote a sense of community among these team members?

Answer 2

Work could be a deeply group action. It is the
sole platform wherever individuals come back from totally different
communities, cultures and countries wherever they will share their feelings,
interests, opinions and thoughts whereas the communication to boost their social
circle additionally. As an example, in cooperative work setting, corporations
ought to maximize social benefits from work by enabling telecommuters to work
in teams with colleagues.

Work connected social interaction offers staff
the change to look at a large kind of skilled designs, create contacts with
people that may advance their careers, and bond with co-workers over mutual
skilled experiences and interests.


promote a sense of community among team members should follow the following

1.    Maintain
the self-confidence and self-esteem of others.

2.    Rewards
in terms of recognizing them via email, sending goodies, wishing them during
their festivals.

3.    By
having good relationships with all the members, and work toward actively
supporting others team members to build confidence and relationships.

4.    Show
respect for differences in interaction and thinking style of members.