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If it’s been quite some time since you had a change in your beauty routine, you may need some skincare tips to update you on the latest ways to keep you looking young and modern. The beauty world changes dramatically all the time with innovative technology pushing the boundaries of what can be expected from skin care products for the busy, modern woman. Creams, lotions, and potions that used to work in the past are now outdated and your image, including your skincare, makeup and hair should be updated accordingly. There is no shortage of advice on how to maintain a youthful appearance, but the modern woman has little time to spend on a complicated skincare regime. The many beauty products on the market seem to be aimed at encouraging women to spend most of their available time engaged in improving their appearance. In days gone by it was difficult for women to keep up the appearance of constantly looking their best, even for twenty-four hours. To cope they found it necessary to carry restoratives such as powder and lipstick to constantly repair the damage. Today a modern woman can get away with a few essentials and a good skincare routine that helps her skin stay fresh and beautiful, day in and day out. Beverly Hills QVC personality, Nick Chavez says “nothing dates a woman more than outdated hair and makeup”, and this goes for skincare too.Why is Skincare a Necessity in our Modern Times?Skincare is more than just a surface-level concern. A good skincare routine is not only necessary for healthy skin, it protects your skin from environmental damage and keeps it looking youthful with innovative ingredients. Dr. Steven Nwe, a dermatologist at Northwestern Medicine says that “the key to skin resiliency is KNOWING your skin and TREATING it well”. Knowing your skin means having knowledge of the primary skin types and which one applies to your skin at the current time as skin changes with age and seasons. Environmental pollution and free radicals are constantly attacking the skins of modern women and they need to be combated with the right skincare. Waking up to flawless skin is all in a few steps and making use of skincare tips. Women with glowing skins have managed to nail the perfect daily routine for their skin type and age. Cleansing is all important as is moisturizing. For skin problems, there are excellent products targeted to specific skin problems such as acne, melasma, dry, and oily skins.15 Amazing Skincare Hacks 1. Tips for healthy skin include keeping your face as clean as possible. Great skincare can only work on perfectly clean skin. Remove your makeup every night with a good makeup remover. Wash or cleanse your face with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type, apply a toner and wait for it to dry. Apply any topical products to problem areas if you have any or go directly to your eye cream and serum to prevent collagen damage. Apply your moisturizer or night cream last to lock in moisture and help active ingredients repair your skin.2. Set aside time once a month for a professional facial or chemical peel with physician strength products. Deep exfoliation will minimize the appearance of dark spots and brighten skin like no home treatment can.3. Apply sunscreen over your moisturizer to prevent sun damage and apply a makeup primer before applying your makeup.4. Use a fresh towel every time you wash your face to avoid bacterial contamination.5. Check the expiry dates on all your skincare and makeup and get rid of old products. Clean your makeup brushes regularly and replace them from time to time. Buy new mascara every three months to avoid eye infections.6. Establish a good relationship with your dermatologist. Together you will come up with the best game plan for the overall health of your skin. If you are considering cosmetic treatments like fillers, laser, or skin lifting procedures your dermatologist is the best person to advise you.7. Keep hair products with silicone, oil, and plasticisers away from your skin as they will clog your pores.8. For great face care use products with green tea extract which has strong antioxidants to help fight against skin aging factors (free radicals). Green tea bags applied to your eyes will help reduce dark circles and tighten the skin around the eye area.9. For a glowing skin exfoliate with a gentle exfoliation product once a week.10. Take your vitamins. Vitamin B for skin regeneration and to slow down aging; Vitamin C for a bright and even complexion; Vitamin D to prevent breakouts and avoid the skin from appearing shallow.11. Good skin care includes caring for your skin with a healthy diet. Detox your skin by drinking the juice of half a lemon in warm water on an empty stomach with a quarter teaspoon of bicarb every day for two weeks. Cut out all sugar, salty snacks, and alcohol for at least five days. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables to 7 portions per day and fruit to 2 portions a day.12. Drink your greens for good face care. Drink nutritious smoothies made from nutrient-rich superfoods like kale, broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard, and celery every day. Add super seeds like chia, sunflower, and pumpkin as well as a few raw organic nuts for a power packed meal. Green smoothies clean out your system and cram your body with enzymes that will make your skin glow.13. Honey is a wonderful face mask and combined with lemon juice it wards off acne and lightens age spots. A honey and egg white face mask helps to shrink pores and leaves your skin soft and smooth. A honey and cinnamon mask is great for dealing with blackheads.14. Keep the heat down. Use warm rather than hot water on your skin as it is less drying.15. Treat your eye area with creams that contain growth factors, retinol, and Vitamin C for collagen production and to maintain skin thickness. Slather the moisturizer on vulnerable areas like your décolletage and neck which are more exposed to the sun and show damage earlier. The best time to apply your moisturizer is after a shower when your skin is moist and the pores open.Other skincare tips for great skin include drinking lots of clean, alkaline water, getting a good night’s sleep, and partaking in regular exercise. Keep your cell phone away from your face or disinfect it regularly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.