If Upen Roop Rai spoke about the

If you haven been entertained yet then hold on tight because you’re about to experience a whole new level of madness. A Hindi entertainment shows that mesmerises your eyes.  The ultimate contest between the who’s who of the industry is one. The baa of all competitions is here. Red Hot Countdown sees the biggest fight for the Number One red hot spot. The rating is based on their grit, glamor, popularity, achievements and sheer desirability. It’s the ultimate collage of faces we want to see most.Zoom channel has kicked off many series for the latest international celebrity trends, lifestyle, and entertainment the top show remains Red Hot Countdown. The show has enormous actives. For example,the top ten categories that covered were Most Desirable Women, Most Desirable Men, Most Wanted TV Stars and Most Popular TV Couples. The channel had already unveiled the first of the series which selected the most desirable women alive in India. The result of top 25 most desirable women were chosen. Many Bollywood actresses made it to the top five but Bipasha Basu won the title with a clean sweep. Aishwarya Rai was second and Priyanka Chopra was voted third.The voting is done with online voting for the selection(via indiatimes.com), which is later collated with the verdict of a six-member celebrity & media jury before the result is finalised. The channel also telecasts archival footage and interesting trivia of the celebrities through a voice over driven show and sets a ground for viewers to express their opinion. Viewers, in turn, can SMS their votes to 8888 and will be rewarded if their choice matches the jury’s selection. When we for the search for the Most Desirable Man, we find so many names. The old artists and the new faces. This is the best platform to showcase a fresh face to the viewers because the response of the viewers is great.According to Zoom programming head Aparna Pande, the channel has taken up the property as an annual feature. Upen Roop Rai spoke about the initiative, “With the Red Hot Countdown, that debuts this year on Zoom, we are reiterating our position. The validity of the countdown is bound to be accepted since it has been compiled by the czars in the film industry as well as media and most importantly the Indian audience.” You may find the following categories while watching the show-1. Most Desirable Men 2. Most Wanted TV Stars 3. Most Popular TV Couples (29 January) 4. Most Fashionable (4 February) 5. Generation Next6. Most Wanted Vamps and Villains 7. Most Beautiful Couples