In the roles women should have in the

In Chapter 8, Offred and Ofglen
return from a shopping trip and notice three additional bodies hung from the
Wall. Two Guadrians and a priest are suspended from the Wall with signs of them
reading “Gender Treachery.” These signs indicate that the men have committed
some sort of homosexual act. After seeing the hanging men, they run into a
funeral being held for the Econowives. Econowives despise Handmaid’s which is evident
from the spitting and dirty looks the received while passing the funeral. As
Ofglen and Offred approach the Commander’s household they split up and head
their separate ways. Offred is approaching the home where she spots Nick and he
asks about her recent travels. Offred trying to stay out of trouble, does not
say anything and proceeds into the house. Serena is gardening and Offred recollects
back to when Serena was traveling around speaking about the roles women should
have in the household. Serena can no longer travel around and speak after her
life was attempted on. Offred drops the groceries off at the kitchen where Rita
complains about all the items, which is nothing new to Offred. The chapter ends
with Offred making her way to her room where the Commander waits outside.