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In this modern world where many inventions has made life easy and simple, people do not pay attention to what they are eating that’s why there are many illnesses caused by eating different food items. One of them is dental problems. Some foods can affect your teeth and snatch your beautiful smile. Your teeth start to look yellow and crooked which in turn losses your confidence and you are not secure with your appearance.

Now a days taking care of braces with so many food items is a tricky job. It makes you more sensible for what are you eating and drinking. Therefore let’s find at tapedaily that what you can eat with braces. I am also enlisting some of the food items which you have to avoid.

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 Foods That Are Recommended In Braces

In general, the foods that are recommended in braces are much softer and non-sticky foods that don’t stick between your teeth. The following are some which you eat.

·        Soft fruit and vegetable-Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy so eat them but you can use them after cut them into bite sized pieces. For hard vegetable you can boil them or cook them to make soften.

·         Soft meals-Yes you can eat all meat which you love but just make sure you can use it after cutting in small pieces and avoid eating without bone

·         Soft bread-If you are worry that you that you can’t eat bread with braces you’ll be happy to listen that you can keep bread in your diet but only soft bread. You can soft it by putting it into milk and tea.

·         Desert and candy-If you love to eat deserts and candy you can eat them in braces but only soft desert and candy which are not sticky like those cake, pudding and candies that are melt in your mouth.

·         Dairy products-They are too much soft, easy to eat and in full of calcium so dairy products are good choices of diet in braces like string cheese, soft cheese or frozen yogurt without sugar and healthy milkshakes etc.

Foods That Are Not Recommended In Braces

The following are the some food that is not recommended in braces which make you difficult or hard to eat and it may stick with your brace. Sometime it may bend and damage your braces.

·         Chewing gum-If you have braces in your teeth then I suggested you to avoid chewing gum in because it’s stick with your teeth and between your braces which make you may in problem.

·         Popcorn-These can also stick and grounded in your teeth so they are difficult to eat because they have hard to eat.

·         Sticky candy bars-Hard candy and sticky are not recommended in braces because sometime hard candy bend or break your braces. Also avoid with nuts used in candies.

·         Raw vegetables- In braces every type of harder diet are avoid eating like raw vegetables such as raw carrots etc.

·         Tough meats-You can eat meat but careful you can’t eat tough meat because they have bone in it which harder you like beef jerky etc.

·         Ice cubes-As you know that frozen ice cube is so hard so don’t bite and chew. This is most common convict which can damaged your braces.